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about me riding my bikes

My experience with cycling actually began like most people back when I was a child. I will say that although the bicycles back then never had any suspension, high quality saddles designed for the best riding comfort, disk brakes and most importantly no gears, we still had a lot of fun riding.

The fact that they were heavier than any design available today didn’t even register in our heads!

However, my interest in biking as an adult came when my wife surprised me with a brand new Diamondback bicycle. This new experience changed my thoughts on cycling from what it was in the past and got me interested in just how much bike riding had changed from my childhood. Since then I have made numerous steps in sharing my hobby with others.

Back in 2009 I took part in a bicycling tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our group of 7 friends rode along the breathtaking mountain trails. This experience opened me up to just how great it can be to share my experiences with other like-minded individuals in a bid to enjoy this exciting sport that has become a major aspect of my life.


How I Got Into SBI

I am an engineer by profession and a seasoned software developer. I have spent the last decade coming up with useful GPS software products. However, getting the proper exposure for my products has been the main stumbling block.

Like most technicians, I suffer from a lack of marketing skills that would see my products exposed to the right group of consumers in need of them. This is what brought me to settle on developing a website to get my innovations and inventions out there.

My neighbor, Elad Shippony helped me along this path be pointing out the products I needed. As opposed to me he is quite the marketing success having created some of the most successful websites on Site Build It (SBI). He introduced me to the comforts and benefits of working from home and how I could easily make my dreams come true and solve my marketing problems with this tool. You can even find some of Elad’s website success stories online in the SBI results list.

Mastering the energy and courage to sit down and create my own business and website so as to achieve my dream of selling my software products seemed quite challenging, until Elad introduced me to SBI. This marked my first and most significant interaction with SBI.

Even though this is not a software marketing website, I am proud to have started it. It provides me with the best platform to share my hobby with others. The experience I have gained here is definitely worth taking time from my GPS software dream.

My Websites

We have several websites. Most of them are about Bicycles and Bicycling. Take a look:

  • bicycle-riding.com – Visit this web site and explore the wonderful world of bicycle riding: Different types of riding styles, bicycles, equipment, clothes, as well as many of my trips and more.
  • bike-riding-guide.com – Like many others, I believe that my passion for cycling offers better health and positive mindset that keeps me going. Join me with my bike riding guide.
  • american-vintage-bicycles.com – American-Vintage-Bicycles.Com is about us, and about the history of our vintage bicycles. Be aware: collecting American vintage bicycles is an obsession!
  • bicycle-storage-ideas.com – Protect your bicycle against weather conditions, such as harsh sun, rain and snow. Keep it in a covered space so that its sensitive parts don’t rust and/or get dirty. This website will help you find the best storage for your bike.
  • bicycle-trainer.com – Bicycle training stands are a great option for any cyclist who is very serious about their training and won’t allow anything, weather included, to get in their way. This website will help you find the best exercise stand for your training needs.
  • bicycle-pumps.com – There are many types of bicycle pumps. There are portable bicycle tire pumps, floor pumps and even electric pumps. This website will help you find the best bicycle pump for your needs.
  • bicycletrailers911.com – Bicycle trailers are frames with wheels that can be attached to a bicycle and transport items. Before buying one It is recommended reading this guide.
  • outdoorstorage911.com – Here you can find some great outdoor storage ideas. Keep your garden tools in a covered and secured space so that it serve you well for years!
  • vintage-tricycles.com – Collecting vintage tricycles and vintage bicycles is not very common. If your are one of these enthusiastics you came to the right place.

Thank you for visiting my site

David Lidor

“People know you for what you’ve done, not for what you plan to do”
Unknown Author

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