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Find The Best Bicycle Pet Carrier For Your Puppy!

When jogging or taking a walk, you can enjoy the company of your dog by simply putting him on a leash, But what about the time you want to go biking?

You don’t have to leave your beloved pet behind when going out on your weekend ride. You can keep fit and spend quality time with your hound or cat by fixing a bicycle pet carrier to your bike. With this accessory you can safely carry your pet at the front or back of your bike. Here are some different ways you can take your pet with you when riding:

Bicycle Pet Carriers

This may be the safest way to take your pet with you for a ride. They come in two main forms: baskets and trailers. Baskets can be attached to the front or back of the bike and keep your pet with you on the bike. Trailers have their own wheels and are attached to the back of your bike. Bicycle dog seats also fall in this category.

Carriers are available in different sizes but you are sure to get one that will hold your pet. And as you can see above, carriers come in different shapes and designs to suit a variety of purposes. This means that you have to weight a couple of considerations before ordering one.

Size: You have to be careful to match the size of your pet to the carrier you want to purchase. One that is too small may leave your dog feeling claustrophobic or be unable to fit them at all.


Bicycle Pet Carrier

When using a leash to enhance your safety and that of your dog, try to be smooth in your cycling movements, especially when turning. Sudden turns can startle your dog and cause them to veer dangerously.

Level of training: Taking your pet out with you on a ride may be dangerous if they are not used to the kind of carrier or leash you’re using. Animals that are hyperactive may

Fitness: You may want to use a jogger or leash to let your dog put in some exercise as you ride but he may be too old or not in the right physical condition to do so. In such cases you’re better advised investing in a carrier or seat.

Style: Though this is certainly not a life or death matter, it can be a tie-breaker when choosing between similar carriers. Some owners will want to have a carrier with colors and graphics matching those on their bike.

Ease of use: How easy or difficult is it to attach the carrier to the bicycle when you want to go out with your pet? Removing the carrier should be just as painless for the days you wish to go it alone.

Safety: How safe are both you and your pet when the carrier is attached? Can it easily snap off while riding? Will it be a hindrance to your level of concentration when on the road? If it’s a leash, can your dog pull you down?

Suggested Bicycle Pet Carriers

Bicycle Dog Carrier – Using a bicycle dog carrier is the best option to carry your pet. Without using a dog bike basket or a dog bike trailer, taking a dog out while cycling can be difficult and in some cases dangerous. Read more.

Bicycle Dog Seat – Having a bicycle dog seat is important for you and your pet. This is really important if you do not want your dog running around the grassy fields or the side of the road without any safety harnesses or belts.

Bicycle Pet Basket – If you have a bicycle pet basket you can enjoy a leisurely bike ride with your Chihuahua without putting him inside a suffocating pet bag. Read more.

Dog Bike Basket – A dog bike basket allows pet owners to take their loving canines with them wherever they go. Read here about different types of bicycle pet baskets.

Dog Bicycle Trailer – If you are going to purchase a dog bicycle trailer for your pet, there are several things that you should consider.

Bicycle Leash

Bicycle dog leash is a solution for dog owners who would like their pet to put in some exercise as they cycle or for those whose pets can’t quite fit into a dog basket. Using this jogger your pet can run along either beside or behind you.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Pet Carriers?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle pet carrier you can buy it on one of these trusted online stores:

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