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Bicycle Dog Leash
Bicycle Dog Leash
Bicycle Dog Leash

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You want your dog to get some exercise in as you ride your bike but are weary of using your regular leash. And well you should be. If your dog gets distracted and is of a strong, energetic breed, he could pull you into trouble. With a bicycle dog leash you will not have to worry about this as your hands will be free to steer. Your dog will still be safely attached to your bike restrained but free to jog at his own pace.

Why Using a Bicycle Dog Leash?

There are other ways to take your dog with you when out for a bike ride. You can pop him in a trailer and link it to the back of your bike. He will enjoy the outdoors while safely attached to your bike. You could also opt for a bicycle seat or basket. Take a look at some of the benefits of using a dog leash:

No size limits: What if your dog is too big to fit into a basket or bike seat? Even if you buy a bigger basket, his weight might compromise the stability of your ride, putting both you and your dog’s safety at risk.

Your dog can exercise: A trailer is a safe option and can fit practically any size of dog, it will be a dull ride for your furry friend, apart from the sightseeing. If your dog is hyperactive and athletic, a bicycle dog leash is the most effective way to let him stretch his limbs as you do yours.

Before Buying a Bicycle Dog Leash

You will find a variety of leashes for dog owning bikers when you begin shopping. How do you sift through the many different styles and brands to get one that suits you and your dog?


Bicycle Dog Leash

To keep your dog from getting distracted and posing a risk to your safety, try and choose a time for biking that has minimal human and animal traffic.

Size: If your dog is a rangy Doberman you should get a leash suitable to his size and if you also own a Chihuahua it should also work just fine. No need to buy each a separate leash when you can have one that can be adjusted to fit both.

Safety: You want to invest in a leash that keeps both you and your dog safe for the duration of the ride. This means a leash that will allow your dog to jog freely while keeping the bike stable. You need a sturdy leash that can be able to keep the bike steady while being yanked at by the most energetic of hounds.

Ease of use: Be sure that the leash you select is easy to install and detach from your bike. No need to suffer when you can get a leash that you can have firmly attached in mere minutes. There are also leashes that won’t require you to train your canine before using them. If you can get a leash you can use right away, go for it.

Multi-functionality: Why spend money on a bike dog leash and a regular walking leash when you can have both rolled into one? Keep your eyes peeled for such dual-purpose leashes as they are available.

Find a Bicycle Dog Leash Online

If you are interested in buying bicycle dog leash you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Dog Leash
Bicycle Dog Leash

Buying a Bicycle Dog Leash Online

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