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Ideal for small pets, Bicycle pet baskets will keep your beloved pet close and comfortable as you go sightseeing or improve your fitness with a ride. You can attach the basket to the front or back of the bike, either way your dog or cat will be close to you and you will be able to keep an eye on them throughout the ride.

Why Using a Bicycle Pet Basket?

There are a number of ways you can take your pet with you when out biking. You can attach a seat to the back of your bike on a rack. Pet trailers provide a separate compartment on wheels that you can drag behind your bike. There are also leashes specifically made for taking pets along during bike rides, allowing them to put in some exercise as you ride. So why a bicycle pet basket and not these?

For comfort: Provided you choose the right size and your pet is not too squeezed in the basket, they will be nice and snug in there. Unlike pet bags, baskets have a wide opening to allow your dog or cat to enjoy the scenery too.

For safety: While trailers and leashes have their merits, they are limited in terms of letting you keep an eye on your pet. For these you might have to purchase rearview mirrors for your bike to see what’s happening behind you. A basket puts your pet right under your nose enabling you to monitor them comfortably as you ride.

Before Buying a Bicycle Pet Basket

Before buying a bicycle pet basket you should take into consideration some of the following issues:

Material: There are different kinds of basket, mainly differentiated by the material used to make them. Wicker baskets are preferred by many bikers because of their generally low cost. Which is not to mean they are low quality, they are sturdy and furthermore have a unique aesthetic appeal. The more common baskets are the ones made of metal and cloth. They have the double benefit of being comfortable and durable. Plastic baskets, though very pocket friendly, are not a good option because of the risk of injury they expose pets to.


Bicycle Pet Basket

Be sure to choose a basket that is not too big for your bike.

You should be able to ride comfortably with the basket attached to the bike without feeling like your stability is compromised.

Size: Take a careful look at the dimensions of the basket and compare them to the height and length of your pet Make sure your pet will not only fit, but will not be cramped in the basket.

Weight: Most manufacturers will indicate the capacity, in terms of pounds, that their basket can hold. In most cases baskets can withstand weights of up to 15 pounds.

Protection: You will want to make sure your basket has a cover to protect your pet from rain in case the weather changes along the way.

Maintainability: Look out for baskets which are made from materials that can withstand paw scratches and are easy to keep clean.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Dog Basket?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle dog basket you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Pet Basket
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Bicycle Pet Basket

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