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Dog Bicycle Trailer
Dog Bicycle Trailer
Dog Bicycle Trailer

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Make your time of personal fitness a time of bonding with your pet by using a dog bicycle trailer to carry them along. If you’re out sightseeing and enjoying nature, you can let your precious hound share in the fun and smell the clean air instead of remaining cooped up indoors.

There are trailers of different sizes. In addition, a number of them are multi-functional and can be used as strollers when you’re walking. There are even some snow trailers for the cold season. Let’s take a look.

Why Using a Dog Bicycle Trailer?

For safety: When it comes to the safety, few carriers can match a dog bicycle trailer. Baskets will keep your furry friend close to you while you cycle, but what happens when they get frisky and begin to distract you or cause you to lose your balance? Leashes, from the other hand, may seem firm but have been known to snap of from the bike when energetic dogs pull hard enough. Trailers are built to remain firm no matter how restless your pooch gets. For this reason they have reinforced floors and side battens.

For other uses: This kind of carrier can be converted into a stroller when you want to go for a walk with your dog or want to navigate through terrain where your bike can’t go. You can even use them in snowy terrain.

Before Choosing a Dog Bicycle Trailer

As with any other product you can think of, there are different kinds, sizes and brands of trailers. To help you make up your mind as to which will best serve you and your pet, consider the following factors:

Size: The height of your dog, usually measured from the chin to the paws, its shoulder height and its length from the chest to the hindquarters, should be less than the size of the interior of the trailer.

Weight: Makers of trailers will usually give a weight limit which their products can support. Be sure to find out if your dog can be comfortably supported by the trailer.

Protection: Look out for features such as anti-slip floors and fabric that can keep your dog dry during rainy days. You also would want a trailer with a safety flag and one which has colors that make it clearly visible on the road.

Maintainability: Be sure the trailer is made of a material that can be able to resist paw scratches. You also want a dog bicycle trailer that you can easily keep clean.

Cost: Good quality dog bike trailers don’t come cheap, so be prepared to spend for your dog’s safety and comfort.

Style: Last but not least, you will have a wide range of designs at your disposal so feel free to pick the one that speaks to your personality.

Where to Buy a Dog Bicycle Trailer?

If you are interested in buying a dog bicycle trailer you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Dog Bicycle Trailer
Dog Bicycle Trailer
Dog Bicycle Trailer

Buying a Dog Bicycle Trailer on eBay

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