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Selected bicycle pumps

Carrying bicycle pumps with you while cycling to will help you make sure that any flat tires can be fixed on site and speedily to avoid any delays and disappointments. Having the right bicycle pump will help you get back to your ride and make your way to a safe location where you can work at repairing the damage.

Types of Pumps

When looking to buy a bicycle tire pump for use in inflating the inner tube, you have the option of buying small portable bicycle pumps that can be easily carried around during your cycling trips.

Tip: Make sure you always have a small pump with you.

Cycling Equipment

The numerous times that I’ve had to wait around for assistance from a friendly stranger with a bike pump due to a flat tire in the middle of nowhere have taught me a great lesson.

Even after fully pumping your bicycle tires full before leaving your house, make sure you bring a portable pump with you in your saddlebag or bike basket in readiness for any emergencies.

The pump can be conveniently carried in your cycling backpack, easily accessible whenever necessary.

When it comes to choosing a bicycle pump most people are more than pleased to learn that they have a wide selection of great pumps to choose from. There are portable pumps which are suited to outdoor use; these can be carried around either attached to the bike frame or in a cycling backpack. The other variety available is made up of larger and heavier pumps that are mostly suited for use at home mainly for maintenance purposes.

It is also possible to find electric pumps which are designed for outdoor use or home use. The portable variety comes with a plug which can be plugged into a car lighter. While those meant for home use come with a plug suited to regular home sockets.

Factors to Consider when Buying Bicycle Pumps

With the variety available it is important to ensure that you buy the right pump for your needs by considering some key factors.

  • The weight and size of the pump chosen will in most cases determine whether it can be conveniently carried around during rides. Heavy/ bulky pumps are mainly suited for home use.
  • Different bicycle pumps are made of different materials i.e. plastic and metal; choose the best material suited to the intended task. Metal pumps tend to last longer with regular use.
  • Ease of use is also another determining factor; can you be able to use the pump to get your bike fixed as soon as possible? ?
  • A pump with a pressure gauge is useful in helping you determine the tire pressure relative to the recommended tire pressure as shown on the tire.
  • In case you are not into carrying the pump in your cycling backpack, can it be fitted on the bike’s frame firmly? Some pumps can be carried in the saddlebags while others cannot.
  • In case you choose to buy an electric pump, can it be used with regular home sockets as well as with a car lighter? This versatility will help you save on buying different pumps for both home and outdoor use.
  • Since inner tubes come with different types of valves, can the chosen bicycle pump be used with the valves on your bikes inner tube?

Checkout My List of Bicycle Pumps

Bicycle Mini Pump – These are a collection of different bicycle pumps that can be used to inflate flat tires. Take a pick of your favorite choice depending on the intended purpose.

Bicycle Floor Pump – These pumps are best suited to inflating flat tires as fast as possible and get you ready for cycling.

Electric Tire Pumps – These pumps are great because they come with additional features including accurate pressure gauges to help you avoid damaging your bicycle tires during inflation.

Summary Table

Pump Type Pros Cons Application
Compact Pump * Easy to carry Difficult to fill To be used on the trail
C02 Pump Easy to fill, light weight For one time use (have to replace cartridge) For racing
Bicycle Floor Pump Fast inflation Too heavy to carry Home use
Electric Pump ** Very easy to fill More bulkey and heavy than all other pumps Mainly at home (or near your car)

Where to Buy Bicycle Pumps?

If you are interested in buying bicycle pumps you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Pumps
Bicycle Pumps
Bicycle Pumps
Bicycle Pumps


Finding the most suitable bicycle pump for your specific needs is priceless. By carefully considering the above factors you can be sure that you will be able to fix any flat tire wherever it may be.

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