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Find a quality bicycle chain lube Online

Bicycle chain lube is one of the main supplies used for bicycle maintenance. Cycling involves applying pressure on the bicycle pedals which then turns the cranks attached to the chain rings. The bicycle chain is then pulled on the sprockets of the chain rings transferring motion to the rear gear cassette where that chain is connected to sprockets as well. All this generates a lot of friction making it essential to lubricate the bicycle chain regularly for the safest riding. However it is important to have an idea of the products to use as dictated by your riding conditions.

Tip: A solvent can be used to clean oily brake rotors

Bicycle Chain Lube

In most cases you will accidentally spray or get lubricant on the bicycle rotors. This can render them useless. However, by using the right tools to clean up the oil you can have it good as new.

If you use a strong solvent or cleaner, make sure that you bed-in the rotors before use as the bedded in pad remnants will also be removed in the cleaning process.

Available Chain Lube Products

Lets take a look at some of the main chain lube products available and their recommended applications.

Thick Grease Chain Lube

Bicycle Chain Lube

Thick grease is mainly suited for use on bicycles usually ridden in wet or muddy conditions. For the best penetration into the chain links, it is recommended that you use a volatile solvent that dilutes the mixture.

Light Oil Chain Lube

Bicycle Chain Lube

If you will be riding your bicycle in relatively dry and lean conditions then your main need is to guard against wear and tear through friction. Light oil lubricants work great for such conditions. It is able to penetrate deep into the chain mechanism for better protection against wear and tear in the chain links.

Application includes applying the oil as the chain and cranks are turned backwards. Tri-Flow and Phil Wood Tenacious Oil are among the best brands of light oil available today.

Spray Chain Lube

Bicycle Chain Lube

The main advantage of using spray lubricants is the ease of application. Spray lubricants only require to be sprayed on the chain and you are good to go. It is however important to note that some spray lubricants such as WD-40 are too thin to be used as regular lubricants.

WD-40 is actually a better degreaser than it is a bicycle chain lubricant. It can be used where no other lubricant is available but an effort should be mad to get a better lubricant as soon as possible.

Wax Bicycle Chain Lubricants

Bicycle Chain Lube

For cyclists who live in above average dry conditions, wax lubricants are the way to go. These lubricants tend to be quite great at keeping your chin in great condition in such riding applications. When using wax lubricants melt it for the best penetration into the chain structure. Afterwards, let it dry out.

The wax lubricant usually flakes off with use and maintenance will not involve as much degreasing as other lubrication products necessitate.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Chain Lube?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle chain lube you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Chain Lube

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