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Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle Chain Tool

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The bicycle chain is one of the chief bicycle parts when it comes to moving the bicycle and a bicycle chain tool is used in fixing chain damage.

Simply put, there is no cycling without a bicycle chain unless you are using a chainless bicycle. The chain transfers power from the pedals to the rear bicycle wheel during cycling.

In case this vital part gets damaged, you will need to have the right chain tools to get you back on the bike cycling. A bicycle chain tool is one of the essential tools you should carry with you on your cycling escapades to ensure that you are always prepared for any eventualities. Using one is quite simple and our page on bicycle chain repair is a great reference for those who want to learn how to. Before buying one however, consider the following factors.

Portable Chain Tool While Riding

When you are out on the trail, you do not have the luxury or time to put together complicated chain repair tools. This can mean risking riding in the dark along unfamiliar trails or even worse, inconveniencing other riders in your group as you seek their help.

Bicycle Chain Tool

However you also don’t want to have more things added to your already packed bicycle luggage which would mean struggling with the weight of the load. A great chain tool will fit in your luggage easily and will be unnoticeably light and compact.

Most portable chain tools are designed for the simplest operation. To get your bicycle chain fixed you will need to use minimum effort. The best tool here will manage to push the chain pins in and out easily. Using a single part tool is better that choosing chain tools that require assembly prior to use. Note that the risk of dropping some parts into the dirt along trails makes it even harder to get the job done as fast as possible.

Bicycle chains tend to be lubricated; this means you are bound to get some of the slippery lubricant on the repair tool and your hands as well. To avoid annoying instances of slippage during use, you can just buy a chain tool that comes with an easy to grip rubber handle.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Chain Tool

Did you know that over lubricating your bicycle chain attracts more dirt?

Every time you choose to clean and lubricate your bicycle chain, make sure that you also wipe off any excess lubricant as it is going to attract more dirt. You can sue a dry piece of cloth to clean off the excess lubricant.

It is recommended that you only apply specialized bicycle lubricant which includes Teflon among its ingredients. This enables it repel dirt and water as well for the cleanest and smoothest bicycle chain.

Chain Repair Multi-Tools

Bicycle Chain Tool

As the name suggests, these tools integrate a variety of tools into a single compact design. They are the best space and weight saving collection of useful tools. Packing them in your bicycle backpack is easy and convenient due to their compact nature. High quality multi tools are even better as they provide reliable usage for an extended period of time.

However even with these selling points it is important to consider a few things before you buy a multi-tool. First and foremost, multi tools are designed for use during emergencies and not for regular maintenance. They tend to be too small to offer considerable leverage for effortless use as well. It is essential to keep these considerations when buying a multi-tool.

Home Use Repair Tools

Bicycle Chain Tool

When fixing a damaged bicycle chain at home, you will want to take your time and ensure everything is fitted as firmly as possible. These tools tend to be bigger and more detailed than those designed for portable use.

You will find rubber handle tools in this category for an easier and stronger grip when handling greasy chains.

Chain Repair Tools for Professional Use

Bicycle Chain Tool

If you professionally repair bicycles, then a chain repair tool is a necessity. Since you will be using one regularly you also need to consider its durability as well. Professionals are best served by bigger repair tools that have the least amount of removable parts. A larger tool has less chance of being lost among the other tools at the repair shop as well as providing better leverage during use.

Bicycle parts that have numerous removable parts can be easily rendered useless if one of the vital parts gets misplaced. As per my experience, plier bicycle repair tools are great for professional use. They provide for easy pulling of the chain pins. However care should be taken as it is very easy to remove the entire pin accidentally.

Chain Wear Indicator Tool

Bicycle Chain Tool

This is a useful tool for serious cycling enthusiasts or bicycle repairers. The tool is usually used to indicate the extent of chain wear. Bicycle chains usually undergo through various degrees of wear that can affect riding experience as well as expose chain rings, derailleurs and gear cassettes to unnecessary wear.

The tool can be used on all bicycle chains designed for different chains. It is best to check your bicycle chain for wear and tear every couple of weeks for the best maintenance.

Chain Cleaning Tool

Bicycle Chain Tool

The bicycle chain is quite important to safe cycling. It is also important to remember that using a damaged or worn out chain is bound to have negative effects on other bicycle parts including the derailleur, gear cassette and chain rings. Keeping the chain clean reduces the probability of damaging the bicycle chain.

A chain cleaner that clips to the chain is far better as you do not have to remove it. Clean the chain before checking for wear for a more accurate measurement.

Finding a Bicycle Chain Tool Online

If you are interested in buying a bicycle chain tool you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle Chain Tool

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The above information is detailed enough to help you identify the type of chain tools you should have at home, on the road or for professional maintenance at the shop.

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