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Bicycle work stands are not just a necessity for bike repair shops but also for home repair workshops. If you are an ardent do it yourself fan who is also into cycling, then you will want to Bicycles are among the best vehicles that combine mechanics and athleticism into one interesting but somewhat simple package.

For the best cycling experience you not only have to apply yourself physically but also need to tweak the mechanical aspect to suit your style and physical traits. This brings in a combination of both engineering and physicality.

Whether you are an avid mountain biking fan or a road racer or just a regular cyclist, you will have to carry out some sort of repairs on your bicycle and a repair work stand will prove to be an invaluable asset to have.

Mountain bikers will want to repair their bikes after putting them to the test on rough terrain, while road racers will keep tweaking their speedy racers for fluid performance. Ordinary leisure cyclists and city commuters can use work stands for regular maintenance.

Why Buying a Bicycle Repair Stand?

For an Easy Repairs

Common repair tasks such as cleaning bicycle brakes and disk brake rotors, lubricating the bicycle chain and even tuning hydraulic brakes will be easier when the bike is holed onto a repair stand. Bicycle repair stands eliminate the need to carefully place the bicycle against the wall or place it up-side down when performing the repairs. Note that these two things place undue stress on other parts of the bike such as the gear and brake levers as well as wearing out handlebars.

Convenience and Efficiency

When it comes to bicycle repairs when you already own a bicycle repair stand, you can be sure that you no longer need to take it to the repair shop for routine repairs. You will be able to conveniently hold up the bicycle and work on it tirelessly. Since you are now able to work on the bike without bending over, an aspect of efficiency will be introduced in bicycle repair jobs.

For Easier Bicycle Cleaning

One of the most common but demanding bicycle maintenance tasks is bicycle cleaning. Most people usually rush through bicycle cleaning to avoid tiring crouching down and looking for the best way to keep the bike steady while you try to clean hard to reach places. You can be sure that your bicycle will be in better condition when you buy a bicycle repair stand as cleaning is easier and therefore more thorough.

For Stability and Reliability

Homemade bicycle repair stands can be great for saving costs but you cannot place the same level of reliance on them as on trusted bicycle repair stands. It can be quite damaging for your bike to fall off a homemade work stand because you did not make it strong enough for that specific type of bicycle.

On the other hand, ready-made bicycle work stands come in a wide variety allowing buyers the choice to buy the most appropriate design for their specific needs when it comes to strength and balance.

Tip: Conduct your own bike repairs to save cash

Bicycle Work Stands

Most people take it for granted that they have enough to always take their bicycle to the repair shop whenever necessary. A bicycle repair stand is just what you need to handle regular bicycle repairs in house saving your cash for the more serious ones.

It is one of the bicycle repair tools to consider especially given the regularity of some repairs and the damage you can inflict by standing your bicycle upside down during repairs.

Bicycle Repair Stands to Consider

Kettler Profi Bicycle Workstand

Bicycle Work Stands

This German made bicycle stand comes with a convenient clamp that is designed to rotate over 360 degrees ensuring that you can easily reach any part of the bicycle held by it. the frame is made of durable power coated steel for the best value.

The most convenient part is arguably the attached tools tray for easy retrieval of all necessary tools when working on the bicycle. It is also designed to fold into a compact design for easy storage.

Home Mechanic Repair Stand

Bicycle Work Stands

As the name suggests, this bicycle work stand is designed for the most demanding bicycle owner. It is designed with variable clamping options to ensure that you can easily clamp your bicycle in any position you like without any trouble.

You can forget the stress and hassle associated with bending over to fix your bike as the stand allows easy height adjustment for the proper working height as you require.

Topeak PrepStand Max Bicycle Repair Stand

Bicycle Work Stands

This stand is designed to be lighter than the other options in the market. It is also known to be easily foldable with retracting legs for compact storage. However it is not just known for its lightweight nature and compact package.

The stand is strong and can hold the weight of any bicycle stand comfortably. it is designed with rubber jaws that are strong enough to hold the bike frame in position as you work but are also delicate enough to prevent any scratches on the gripped part.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Work Stands

Did you know that carelessly clamping the bike frame can cause damage?

A bicycle work stand usually has a strong clamp that can damage the bicycle frame i.e. cause a dent or crack. Make sure you do not clamp on a cable or water bottle boss.

It is also important to note that applying too much pressure on a carbon fiber bicycle frame can cause cracks on the frame that can render it useless. It is recommended that you clamp on the metallic seat tube instead.

Where to Buy Bicycle Work Stands?

If you are interested in buying bicycle work stands you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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More information about bicycle repair can be found on several informative books. Take a look at these selected books:

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Bicycle repair stands are not just meant to provide you with a comfortable working position when repairing your bicycle; they also come with the added benefit of preventing any damage caused by working on a bike standing on its handlebars and saddle. If you want more information about these vital bicycle workshop tools, you are welcome to visit my webpage on bicycle repair stand. My bicycle repair manual offers even more in the field of bicycle repair.

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