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The Benefits of Biking, Japan, 2015

The list of benefits of biking long, so let’s make an order here, and group them in categories:

Did you know…?

The Benefits of Biking

Did you know that for every mile you cycle rather than drive, you save the Earth from one pound of carbon dioxide emissions?

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases which pollute the air, cause global warming and threaten the future of our precious planet. Do your part to protect our Earth by cycling as often as possible.

Benefits to Ourselves

Bike riding is good for your body, soul,
as well as for your social and family life

Biking Health Benefits

Bicycling is great exercise for anyone – at any age! It’s a great way to burn calories and get in shape! Though it’s popular among children and young people, bicycle riding is also very popular among middle-aged folks:

As we get older, we tend to be more aware of our general health and our need to stay fit. We try to eat and drink better, and to exercise regularly too. The connection between cycling and good health is certainly well known. Many researchers and fitness experts have proven the connection and advocate for this type of physical activity. See this article for more information.

  • Bike riding is good for your heart: Bicycling provides very good cardiovascular exercise: It strengthens the health of your heart and lungs. Studies have shown that commuting by bicycle can also reduce the risk of dying in an accident by up to 40%!
  • Bike riding is good for your diet: Regular bicycling helps with personal weight management (bicycling for weight loss in our case): the aerobic benefit is comparable to jogging or running, but without the strain on your ankles and knees. See complete information in biking calories.
  • Bike riding is good for your muscles: Bicycling is good for your leg muscles and back. Regular cycling provides better muscle tone & bone mass improvement so that you can better prevent conditions like osteoporosis.
  • Bike riding is good for your joints: As we get older we experience joint pain, especially in the knees. Bicycling is kind to the joints – it offers exercise without pain or the wear-and-tear that other exercises offer.
  • Bike riding is good for your balance: Bike riding requires balance. Good balance is achieved by tightening the core muscles. This keeps you from falling off of the bike. By maintaining that balance when cycling you also strengthen the core muscles of the abdominal region. The lower abdominals pull your legs back towards your body from the bottom of the cycling revolution.

Here are some more health and nutrition articles.

Mental Benefits of Bike Riding

We are living in a fast moving world. Some spiritual teachers suggest that we meditate on a daily basis, for improved spiritual and physical health.

Regardless of your belief system, when exercising regularly will certainly notice that regularly pausing the rush routine of our busy lives and taking a break with exercise – is great for your spirit. This weekly physical and spiritual renewal through healthy exercise allows you to feel great and ensure a healthier future for you!

To me, bike riding IS my form of meditation. Riding alone is a great opportunity to empty my always-working brain, collect my thoughts, and reflect. And yet, sometimes, the opposite happens: some of my greatest ideas emerge while riding.

Whether it’s to relax or exercise, you can pretty much guarantee that will return from a bike ride with increased energy and in good spirits. It is certainly a great way to release tension and stress from our day to day lives. Natural views, fresh air, and natural sounds of birds on the bike trails contribute to our peace of mind; but even when riding in a busy city like New York we still feel much better off than if we did nothing at all. Riding bikes releases endorphin!

Here are some benefits of biking for your soul:

  • Quality time with yourself: If you ride alone – you have time for yourself.
  • Reduce stress while riding: If you ride with friends – you can reduce stress by sharing your life and an experience with a friend.
  • Feel the nature: With nature surrounding you: You can benefit from the views, smells and sounds.
  • Going to work?: As a way to commute, riding a bicycle might increase your productivity and reduce your stress levels too! Instead of arriving to work stressed out from traffic, you can begin your work day energized. Coming home, you can think about your day and prepare for tomorrow – and arrive home with work behind you!
  • Want to feel special?: Cycling will improve your self-esteem and body image you hold for yourself.
  • Need freedom?: Cycling give you the feeling of liberation and freedom that we all want!

Social Benefits of Biking

When we ride in a group, we communicate: With our friends, with our family members, and even with strangers. We continuously build relationships on the road, the views and the common efforts are the cement. For an hour or 2 (or more, when we are on a bicycling tour), we are getting closer to each other

In our childhood, we loved to ride our bikes to school. After school we met our friends and used to ride all around our neighborhoods talking, and playing bicycle games. It was a lot of fun!

I have great news for you: as we get older we still do the same: Only the conversation subjects are different.

  • Getting closer to our loved ones: Bicycling is a great activity for family and friends.
  • Get to know your neighbors: Bicycling in your neighborhood is a great way to meet your neighbors and build a sense of community.
  • Make friends: Riding in a group is a great opportunity to meet a nice stranger.

Financial Benefits of Biking

Bike riding is good for your “bottom line”

When we ride our bikes, we save money, because:

  • Reduce your transportation expenses: Save travel costs by biking to and from work instead of using a car. You can save on the purchase price for a car, expensive gasoline, tires, fluids, monthly insurance premiums, maintenance, washing, parking, and more…
  • Reduce health care costs: Regular cycling can lead to lower health care expenses in the future. Check it out with your doctor.
  • Save on health club: Training in the health club is great, but riding outside is much better (at least for me). You can also save on the health club membership costs – which can be pretty pricey if you add up what you spend on memberships per year!
  • No parking is needed: How much can you spend on parking per month? $25, $50, $125 – it all adds up by the end of the year!

Transportation Benefits of Biking

Bicycle is also a vehicle

It is true that your legs are your engine, and that you arrive sweating to work, but bike riding is a great means of transportation:

  • Avoid traffic headaches: You can ignore the highway and the traffic jams.
  • Plan your ETA (“Estimated time of Arrival”): You can predict your commuting time much more effectively.
  • Total transportation solution: Bicycle is versatile, and provides door-to-door transport.
  • Biking is F-A-S-T: For short distances bicycling can be faster than walking or driving.
  • Bike-and-travel: Bicycling tours are a great way to see the world.
  • .

Benefits of Biking to Your Community

Bike riding is good for the community

Funny how riding a bike delivers benefits for everyone! Believe it or not, it is not only you who benefits. Bike riding is a great contribution to your community. There are many benefits to count here:

  • Think about those who can’t drive: Bicycles increase mobility for those who don’t have access to motor transport, or don’t qualify to drive a car.
  • Give your parking to others: Leaving your car at home provides a parking space for others.
  • Reduce health care cost: Among the benefits of biking there is the financial benefit. Studies have shown that the ROI (return on investment) on the development of biking routes is 1:20 compare to the alternative: developing health care programs.
  • Save precious lives: Reduces car accidents and countless lives.

Environmental Benefits of Biking

Bike riding is good for the environment

One great (and not the only one) aspect of bike riding is that it is THE most energy efficient form of transportation ever invented.

This is why there are so many environmental benefits involved. Just to name few:

  • No air pollution: Reduces air pollution: the use of a bicycle has virtually NO carbon footprint.
  • No water pollution: Reduces water pollution: No brake fluid, no anti-freeze, no transmission fluid, etc. flowing into our storm drains and into rivers and beaches.
  • No Noise pollution: Reduces noise pollution for everyone. We could all use less honking in our lives right?
  • No unnecessary construction: Eliminates the damage created when building roads, intersections, tunnels, parking lot and more.
  • Less oil pumping: Bike riding reduces energy consumption.
  • No big tiers: Reduces consumption of rubber = reduction in planting of rubber plantations.

Books About The Benefits of Biking

For more information, there are some informative books about the benefits of biking. You can find them on several online book stores:

The Benefits of Biking
The Benefits of Biking
The Benefits of Biking

One last word about the benefits of biking:

Feeling good with yourself and with your loved ones,
both physically and mentally is the greatest benefit
you can get from bicycle riding

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