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Bicycle Touring Trip in Japan, 2015

Bicycle touring is a form of cycling where riders take to the road and travel long distances.

Tip: Solo Travelers

Bicycle Touring Tips

If you’re traveling or cycling alone, it’s wise to join a guided tour. You’ll benefit from having a tour guide to look out for your safety. What’s more, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from all over the world. Who knows? The members of your cycling tour group might just become your traveling companions for the rest of your vacation!

Bicycle touring can last a couple of days or even many years! Either way, riders carry most or all of what they need with them on their bike or packs! Bike touring is not only a great way to explore new countries, but also the place where you live.

Free from the confines of a car, and with much more time to directly interact with the environment around you, bike touring is a great way to stay healthy, and to get the most out of your travels. I call it “bicycling for health“. It is off the well-trodden tourist path that the cyclist is truly able to celebrate all the subtle nuances of new locations and culture.

Here Are Some Of My Bicycle Touring Trips

Bicycle Touring Tips – About Guided Tours:

Organized cycling tours in countries such as Switzerland, France, and Hungary offer an unforgettable opportunity to explore the countryside with your senses. Guided bicycle tours offer support vehicles, knowledgeable guides, and accommodation in comfortable inns or bed & breakfast establishments throughout the duration of the tour. These tours are a great way to meet fit, culture-oriented people, and to experience the immediacy of a country’s landscape and people.

Here are some of my bicycle guided tours:

  • Thailand Mountain Biking – A guided bicycle tour in Bangkok, or mountain biking in Chiang Mai. “Remember our smiles”. Our great tour operator for this trip was Spice Roads
  • Biking in Montenegro – Hilly bicycle tracks in the open air of the beautiful country of Montenegro

Bicycle Touring Tips – About Where to Stay

Due to the popularity of bike touring, many cities offer an abundance of extremely useful biking maps and other information on how you can enjoy the scenery yourself, while avoiding the high cost associated with organized bike tours. A quick perusal of the Internet, or a visit to the tourist center in the city you are visiting, will provide you with all of the information you will need to start the bike trip you have always wanted to make! It’s certainly easier than you think!

Bicycle Touring Tips – About What to Wear

Like road cycling, the bicycle tourists spends long hours on the saddle. Consequently, it is a very good idea to wear specialized cycling shorts with padding meshed in them. These shorts can also be worn underneath regular shorts if one chooses. As well, the weather can range from unforgettably sunny days to rainy and windy days. As a result, it is absolutely essential to pack with you a range of lightweight clothing that will enable you to get the most out of your tour. The right cycling clothes will allow you to enjoy your ride even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The best touring bicycle that one chooses certainly needs to be sturdier than the average road racing bicycle, and the tiers should also be as durable as possible so that you can avoid frequent tire-fixing on the side of the road.

Aside from the fact that the bike must be equipped with fittings to affix bicycle panniers (cycling bags) to the bike, the most important factor is that the bike should be comfortable and be specifically fit to your body shape and size.

In the process of conditioning for the trip, the cyclist should make any adjustments to the bike so that it is as comfortable as possible. Nobody wants to find out in the middle of a beautiful excursion through biking in Thailand that an ill-fitting bike is the source of painful knee problems! So remember, all of the planning that goes into your upcoming tour is aimed at one goal: to get the most out of your trip – and this may require some preparation on your part!

Bicycle Touring Tips – About the Required Equipment

While the list of necessary items for a bike tour is extensive, this equipment can be broken down into a few broad categories:

Tip: Keep an Open Mind

Bicycle Touring Tips

Cycling abroad is likely to be a markedly different experience from cycling at home. You may encounter inclement weather, discourteous motorists and confusing road signs. Instead of getting frustrated and upset, think of it as a unique and eye-opening part of the tourist experience. When it comes to bicycle touring, an open mind is a happy one.

  • The best touring bicycle is fitted with waterproof bicycle panniers on the front and rear
  • A selection of cycling clothes to keep you prepared for a range of weather conditions
  • Personal care includes such items as sun block, a toothbrush, and first aid kit
  • Camping/cooking/bicycle hydration equipment, unless you are on a supported tour that stops at hotels during the evenings
  • Bicycle repair kit, because there is nothing worse than being far from help in a strange country and breaking your chain!

Because all of the cycling equipment that must be carried on your bike, careful consideration must be taken to ensure that only necessary items are packed. It is also important to bring the lightest equipment and supplies you can to keep the total weight of your encumbered bike down.

Selected Commuter and Touring Bikes Online

Bicycle Touring Tips
Bicycle Touring Tips

Tip: Do Your Research

Bicycle Touring Tips

Bicycle touring is definitely not an activity you want to jump into unprepared. Before you set off, make sure you’ve done all the requisite research. For example, you’ll definitely want to research biking laws at your destination – you don’t want to get fined or have your bicycle impounded for flouting local cycling laws. In addition, plan your route well in advance and bring multiple maps with you on your trip.

Bicycle Touring Tips on Books

For more information, there are some informative books with handfull of bicycle touring tips. You can find them on several online book stores:

Bicycle Touring Tips
Bicycle Touring Tips
Bicycle Touring Tips

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