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City Biking

City Biking in NYC

Do you live in a big city? No problem! That old bike which has been collecting dust in the storage locker of your apartment can easily become a means to escape the concrete confines of towering buildings, and to allow you to explore terrain that lies just outside of the city limits. Or perhaps there are parts of your own city you have yet to explore? Get there quickly with cruisers bicycles, single speed bicycles or hybrid bicycle!

Urban cyclists are often a close-knit group. They support each other, wave to each other on paths, and give one a sense of real community, even within the largest of cities. Even when I am riding somewhere in the drizzle, I often pass commuters coming home from work. I don’t know who they are, but they always smile and wave as they ride past. This is something you just can’t experience in a car!

A Word About City Bicycles

In general, city bicycles which are typically suited to city biking are less expensive due in part to the high rate of theft occurring in urban areas.

Many manufacturers realizing that almost any kind of bike can be used in urban areas and have created hybrids between different styles of bikes. These hybrids have the comfortable, relaxed geometry of mountain bikes, but with smoother, less-knobby tires to facilitate faster travel on concrete. These bikes also tend to be faster than cruisers due to their lighter weight. Read more about hybrid bicycles.

Although cruisers bicycles refers to a specific kind of bicycle popular in the United States between 1930 and 1950, the term is now frequently used in conjunction with city bike to refer to any bicycle with relaxed geometry that is not specific to a particular style of cycling – such as mountain biking or road cycling. These bicycles tend to be less expensive and heavier, but more comfortable for many cyclists due to the upright position when riding. Although they are not built for speed or for tackling rocky terrain, these bicycles are perfect for a leisurely ride around the city!

Fixies = Single Speed Bicycles

Fixies, or single speed bicycles are experiencing renewed popularity. Although their single gear makes them more difficult to pedal in hilly cities, their simple design is ideal for urban riding, and appeals to many hipsters and other style-conscious riders.

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Tip: Wear Safety Equipment

City Biking

Some cyclists who are used to cycling on soft grass and sandy soil have the misconception that a helmet and protective pads are not needed for city biking. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A fall on hard concrete is generally capable of causing far more severe injuries than a fall on grass or sand. You also have to deal with the dangers posed by vehicles, so be smart and wear your safety equipment.

Better for Rider; Better for City

Many city planners in North America are starting to realize what people in Europe have realized for a long time – cycling is one of the most efficient means of self-powered transportation.

Tip: Make Others Aware Of Your Presence

Bicycles for BMX Mountain Biking

It may be difficult for drivers to see your little bicycle coming in their rearview mirror, so do your best to stay visible by wearing bright colors, riding brightly colored bicycles and ringing your bicycle bell as much as possible to alert others to your presence. You can even get some flashing bicycle lights which will come in extra-handy at night.

A population base more reliant on cycling is not only healthier, but also helps to reduce traffic congestion. This in turn improves air quality within urban centers, and contributes to a better quality of life.

As a result of this reality, city planners have created separate paths for pedestrians and bicycles, or have included painted bicycle lanes on main roads. Consequently, cycling has become even safer in cities and more accessible for individuals reluctant to travel alongside vehicles.

And, since we’re talking about city biking, my own experience with many New York City bike tours is the best example I can bring!

Books About City Biking

For more information, there are some informative books about city biking. You can find them on several online book stores online:

City Biking
City Biking
City Biking

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