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Commuting By Bicycle
Commuting By Bicycle
Commuting By Bicycle

Commuting by bicycle Online

Commuting by bicycle was very popular, mainly in countries like china, that has a very health conscious culture, and in addition, automobiles there were very expensive. Now a days commuting by bicycles has become very popular on other countries as well, and bicycles are becomming more and more popular. So what are the advanteges of bicycle commuting?

Advantages of Bicycle Commuting

Advantage To Your Health

The first advantage is increasing your good health. In counting biking calories. Other than the calories burned, you will get toned muscles, increase your endurance, proper oxygenation, more focus, and generate awesome flexibility.

Commuting by my bicycle was the first step for me to become healthier, and I am sure that it will become a daily habit for you as well. Not only will you ride your bicycle to work, but also elsewhere for errands – visiting friends, family, or just taking a quick trip to the grocery store!

You can use this biking calories calculator to get an estimation for the amount of calories burned while biking.

Advantage To Your Pocket

The second advantage is to your pocket. Buying a new mountain bike or a road bike might be quite expensive, but in the long run commuting by bicycle will be a lot cheaper than taking a bus ride, a taxi or even a subway! If the alternative is using your own car than the price difference might be much higher.

Did you know…?

Commuting By Bicycle

Did you know that riding a bicycle may actually save you time?

If you regularly drive to and from work, you’ll know how bad the morning and evening peak hour traffic can be, particularly if you work in a congested city area like I do. A bicycle is much more mobile and can travel in between lanes, so you won’t be stuck in agonizingly slow traffic jams quite as often.

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The advantages of bicycle commuting are very evident. Such activity is very healthy, both physically and mentally. In addition you can save some money by riding yourself, instead of taking a bus or a train is also not inflatable. The only requirement for commuting with a bicycle is that you would have to build your endurance up to the point where you could reach your work place in a good shape, but this would not be a dreadful task, because you would only be riding under a few miles per hour. So, for a healthier and richer you, commuting by bicycle is the way to go!

Commuting by Bicycle

Commuting by Bicycle in Japan

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