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cross country bicycling

Cross Country Bicycling Trip in Japan, 2015

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined doing a cross country biking trip! But I finally, about two years ago, I did do it with a bunch of my great friends. Cross country biking is never an easy task.

Preparation is the key and I think I speak for everyone who has ever had their own cross country trip. Though a cross country mountain biking is real hard work – both physically and mentally, the trip in itself and the end outcome is very rewarding!

During my bicycle touring preparation I became the most obsessive compulsive individual. There were a lot of things that needed preparation and I had to shell out a couple of dollar bills here and there. Well, it goes without saying that a trip really does cost a bit, but at least you don’t have to pay for the airplane fare!

The Bike

If you have a normal road racing bicycle then cross country bicycling will surely put a lot of pressure on the bike, since it is not made for long distance trips. If you have a mountain bike then your cross country trip may still be possible but the bike’s thin frame will give you little space to carry some of your things.

Though mountain bikes can be modified to suit your needs, will also cost you to make the necessary modifications. Ultimately, the best solution is to have a touring bike when doing a cross country mountain biking trip. It has the appropriate frame to carry a bunch of your stuff and it is suited for long distance biking. If you have a year to prepare for this trip then you will be able to save for a touring bike with no problem. Though I have to warn you that it is not cheap and it will set you back around, for the cheapest, one grand.

If you are interested in buying XC Mountain bikes you can always buy them at your local bicycle store, however there is another alternative: you can buy them on one of these trusted online stores:

Bikes for Cross Country Biking
Bikes for Cross Country Biking

XC Mountain Bikes on eBay

The Biker

Cross country bicycling is a very daunting task. Going on a cross country trip requires adequate physical and mental preparation. The first step is to know the distance at which you are to accomplish the trip and to add a few extra miles to that. When you have the distance flat out, train to finish the maximum distance in order to build up your endurance. Since you will be stopping along the way to rest – you will have trained your body to not tire easily during the trip.

Bicycle training will not stop at the gym – you will have to orient yourself with the busy streets of the urban jungle and the bustling tracks of the forest. This will program your mind and body to be prepared for any type of terrain.

You are invited to take a look at us, three friends during our bicycle trip in Japan:

Bicycle Trip in Japan

Bicycle Trip in Japan

Bicycle Trip in Japan

The Bikers Miscellaneous Hoo – Ha’s

So, now you have got your bike ready, you know where to rest, and you have physically prepared yourself. What more is there to do? Well, there is a lot more but don’t worry, I will help you get ready: Here is a list of the necessary things to bring for when biking cross country:

  • Maps – Not the ordinary maps but mountain biking maps. They will have bicycle trails, bike shops, and bicycle friendly motels marked out for your convenience.
  • Bicycle repair kit and extra parts – This will be for instances of accidents and repairs along the way.
  • Cycling backpack / Hydrating backpack – This will cut the hassle of bringing a bicycle water bottle along the way and you can always put other necessities inside the backpack.
  • Cellular phone – In case of emergencies or when you need to check in to your friends and families.
  • Money – This is the holy grail of all trips, you can never leave home without some money! Make sure you pack a debit card, credit card, and keep extra cash on hand.
  • Bicycle safety equipment – It is said time and time again, these things are necessary to keep you safe.
  • Camera with extra batteries – There is no sense in cross country bicycling if you cannot save the memories. Having a high resolution camera that you can carry along will set the difference between pixilated tragedy and high definition beauty. Another option is to have a helmet video camera.

Books About Cross Country Bicycling

For more information, there are some informative books about cross country bicycling. You can find them on several online book stores:

Cross Country Bicycling
Cross Country Bicycling
Cross Country Bicycling

Last Word About Cross Country Bicycling

These are just the things to prepare before you start your cross country bicycling trip. Oh and another thing, always tell your friends and families where you plan to go and the route that you are going to take. Also call them every time you take a break so that they know you are okay. This may sound childish but this tactic can save your life! You might consider getting a bicycle GPS tracker so that your loved ones can keep tabs on your trip!

“Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make them when nobody is looking.”
(Unknown Author)

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