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Down Hill Biking
Down Hill Biking

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I have to admit: at my “advanced” age, I am not any more into downhill mountain biking. Actually I never was a real down hill biker. I’ve only tried it. This type of sport is definitly not for everyone. Now-a-days I am consentrating on the classic cross country bicycling style. Riding downhills is the very essence of speed hurtling down mountains past trees, around tight bends, and launching off of steep drops of anywhere from 2 feet to 60 feet!

If you are the sort of person who craves waves of electrifying excitement, as well as technical challenges of mind and body, than you are a real downhill mountain biker, and this sport is for you!

Places for Down Hill Biking

Mountain sports facilities, such as ski resorts are where some of the best downhill mountian biking can be found. These sports facilities offer skiing in the winter, and in the summer downhill mountain bikers can travel up the mountain in chairlifts and gondolas so that they won’t have to push their bikes up the mountain. Downhill mountain bikes can be quite heavy, and if you have to pedal pedaled up hill the work can be twice as hard as a regular cross-country bike. Take a look at our experience in down hill biking Mt. Petze during our recent bicycle ttrip in Slovenia.

down hill biking in Slovenia

What Downhill Mountain Bikes Do I need?

Before you go bolting out to the trails to see what this sport is all about, you will need a good downhill mountain bike. Due to the challenges of the trails and hard landings from steep descents, these bikes are the sturdiest of any mountain bikes.

They usually weigh around 40 pounds to withstand anything the trail throws at you, and come equipped with generous bicycle forks and mountain bike shocks to make sure you don’t get thrown from the saddle.

When I first tried out my friend’s Norco downhill bike, I found the size and weight to be daunting compared to my light and nimble Rocky Mountain cross-country bike. However, I soon discovered that the heavier bike and loads of suspension floated me over root-tangled, boulder-strewn trails that would have sent me crashing to the ground on my own bike.

Take my word here: different styles of mountain bikes are worlds apart, and it makes a HUGE difference when you are riding the right bike for the style of riding you love to do. You can read more about downhill mountain bikes here.

Armor & Accessories for Downhill Mountian Biking

While in any other bike riding style wearing helmet is sufficient, for a down hill biking even the best bicycle helmet is not sufficient: you will need more protection than this. There are wrist armors, shoulder armors, padded gloves, torso armors and more. This armor will make sure you finish your ride in one piece.

Down Hill Biking

A full face helmet (like the Giro Remedy Bike Helmet is recommended. This will protect your head and face in case of a crash. Choose a helmet that’s not too tight or too lose and that you can see out of comfortably.

Down Hill Biking

The next thing is a torso armor. It won’t only protect you from scratches but also protects your sternum from hard falls, and also protects your spine. It help preventing broken bones.

Down Hill Biking

Leg armor protects your lower legs and knees from falls, as well as from the special spiked pedals that downhill bikes come with. Believe me, when your foot slips off the pedal and it slams into your shins it is not the most pleasing feeling!

Down Hill Biking

Find full-finger bicycling gloves that fit your hands snugly and have a gripping palm.

Down Hill Biking

Wear downhill bike riding shoes you can grip the pedals with tightly.

Note About Accessories for Down Hill Biking: Avoid a lot of accessories on your bike; Avoid accessories like water bottle holders and kick stands: They could get caught on a branch or root. Still, I would recommend buying a good, smaller cycling backpack and pop in your outdoor first aid kit, portable tire pump and patch kit, and you’ll be good to go.

More Accessories and Armour for Down Hill Biking


Downhill mountain biking is a sure thrill, and is not for the faint of heart. Be sure this is a sport you’ll enjoy doing before you go out and buy all the expensive gear. Try it out a few times on a rented or borrowed bike first (like what I did), and take a lesson to get the techniques down. Once you’re into it though, I know you’ll never turn back. Flying down trails and cruising over obstacles on a downhill bike is an unbeatable rush. With the right downhill mountain bikes, the right cycling equipment, and a focused mind, downhill mountain biking will offer you some of the most exciting riding you can imagine!

Down Hill Biking

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