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Snow Biking
Snow Biking
Snow Biking

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Cycling in spring, summer and autumn is generally a breeze. When the sun is out and temperatures are soaring, all you need is a pair of shorts, a shirt and some sunglasses to have a delightful bicycle ride. But cycling in winter is a whole different ball game. Each time you venture outdoors, you need to bundle up and don special winter cycling equipment. “Why go to all that trouble?” you might ask. Well, I’m going to educate you about the advantages of winter cycling and prepare you for this fun and rewarding activity!

Why Cycle in Winter?

Keep Fit

  • Many cyclists who don’t bother training in winter find that their fitness levels are abysmal by the time cycling season rolls around. As a result, their performance in the earlier races of the season will inevitably suffer.
  • By making an effort to keep yourself fit in the off-season through winter bicycling, you’ll have a significant advantage over most of your opposition when cycling season rolls around. Moreover, you won’t have to subject yourself to such punishing aerobic workouts when spring begins because you’ll be in pretty good shape.

Avoid Crowds

  • Summer is undoubtedly the best time to cycle – the birds are chirping, the greenery is verdant and the sun is shining. Unfortunately, everyone knows that. In summer, the crowds of cyclists on bike trails can really ruin your mood.
  • In winter, bike trails are abandoned. You can have the trail all to yourself and cruise along at your own pace without being obstructed by throngs of sweaty cyclists.

My Recommended Winter Cycling Equipment

As a devoted winter cycling enthusiast, I’ve amassed a formidable collection of winter cycling equipment. The following items have been of the greatest value to me during my winter bicycling and I’m sure they will serve you equally well.

Planet Bike Borealis Full Finger

Winter Bicycling

Planet Bike Borealis Fall/Winter Full Finger Gloves – The biggest problem with training in the winter is having numb and frozen fingers. These gloves keep your hands snug and warm with their luxurious fleece lining and woven spandex. In addition, the fingertip silicon prints make it easy to maintain a tight grip on your handlebars, even in freezing cold weather.

Pearl Izumi Elite Shoe Cover

Winter Bicycling

Pearl Izumi Elite Shoe Cover – It’s difficult to work your bike pedals at a fast pace when you can’t feel your toes. These shoe covers provide much-needed insulation to your feet with fleece-lined neoprene and Kevlar bottoms. They feature anatomical paneling for a secure fit, ensuring you’ll still be able to pedal with sufficient precision.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Thermal Wool Sock

Winter Bicycling

Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Thermal Wool Sock – Wool is an excellent fabric for winter sporting apparel and it thus comes as no surprise that these merino wool socks keep your toes warm and toasty like no other.

Manufactured using a combination of Pearl Izumi’s Barrier, Transfer, Thermal and Softshell fabric technologies, these socks are the top of the line when it comes to foot insulation. They’re thick enough for great insulation, yet lightweight enough that you can still “feel” the pedals while you cycle.

Gore Bike Wear Men’s Thermo Jersey

Winter Bicycling

Gore Bike Wear Men’s Contest Thermo Jersey – You’d look foolish trying to cycle with a great big winter coat on. Instead, slip into this thermo jersey for your winter bicycling. It provides amazing insulation despite its lightweight appearance. The full-length zip keeps wind, snow and rain out while the semi-lock slider makes the jersey a breeze to don or remove.

Seirus Innovation Men’s Face Mask

Winter Bicycling

You can also add this face mase to your winter bicycling inventory. Wearing a facemask is essential for protecting the sensitive skin of your face and neck from icy cold wind and falling snow during your winter bicycling. If you’re turning your head to avoid the wind, you’re not keeping your eyes on the road and that can be very dangerous. Don this face mask and you’ll be well-prepared for wintry conditions.

Great Places for Winter Cycling in America

  • Boston – The Charles River bicycle trail stretching from Boston to Newtown is beautiful enough to make you forget about the frigid winter temperatures. The snowy forests have a uniquely mystical quality to them. Check out Mass Bike for maps and winter cycling event info.
  • Minneapolis – The legendary Chain of Lakes bike trail in Minneapolis is amazing for winter bicycling. The annoying crowds commonly seen in summer will have vanished and the lakes look absolutely gorgeous surrounded by vast plains of snow. Twin Cities Bicycle Club organizes some great winter cycling activities in this area.

Great Places for Winter Cycling Outside America

  • Switzerland – The fabled Swiss Alps look even more magnificent in the winter. The immense crevasses and snow-capped peaks make for an exciting backdrop to your winter cycling holiday. What’s more, if you get bored of cycling, the country has no shortage of winter sports like skiing or snowboarding. Bike Switzerland organizes some top-notch winter biking events.

    I ma sharing my own cycling experience in this wonderful country in my articles about bicycle tours in Switzerland and biking in Zurich. Take a look

Winter Bicycling Safety Issues

Stay Visible

  • In winter, visibility can be poor, especially if it is snowy or foggy. To alert drivers and fellow cyclists to your presence, wear bright colors and shiny clothing. You may also want to ring your bell a little more often than usual.

Maintain Your Tires

  • If your tire grooves are wearing out when winter rolls around, do replace them. Slippery roads and worn-out tires are a recipe for disaster and a serious safety hazard.

Know Your Limits

  • Winter cycling can be fun and immensely rewarding, but you should always put safety first. Don’t go winter bicycling if you think the current weather is more than you can handle. There’ll always be another chance.

Stay Well Fed

  • In cold temperatures, your body burns more calories during physical exertion than usual. Remember to eat plenty of carbohydrates before you train to keep your energy levels up. Otherwise, your body might not have enough nutrients to keep itself warm.

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Cyclists who don’t go cycling in winter are missing out on some great training opportunities and loads of fun. If you belong to this category, find out what you’ve been missing out on!

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