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Women Cycling

Women cycling go back as far as cycling itself. Over a hundred years ago, when bikes were just beginning to become accessible, they were immediately popular with women who were often forbidden from riding horses and so instead they sought solace and mobility in these pedal-driven vehicles. Yet riding has come a long way since those early days.

Back then riding was a slow and leisurely pastime, not the extreme sport it is today. As a result, the toll cycling can take on the human body, for both male and female anatomy, is a fairly modern issue; a serious topic that needs revisiting and frank, open conversation. While male-related issues are well documented—such as erectile dysfunction and impotence—female oriented issues are less explored, though they are certainly equally important.

More Attantion for Women Mountain and Road Biking

While women have always biked, there are more avid female cyclists than ever before. Over the last twenty years, substantial progress has been made in allowing female athletes increased opportunities, including competitive cycling for interested females.

From organized triathlons to back mountain bike trails, women cyclists do it all. But are they putting themselves at risk?

Women Cycling and Female Health

Hard contact with a bicycle seat can cause issues over time, especially for ladies who enjoy woman mountain biking and the thrills of bumpy mountain terrain. While sitting bones are built to withstand weight and body pressure, soft tissue is not. Long rides place extended pressure on this soft tissue, which can restrict blood flow, cause nerve damage, and compromise the health of your genitalia. However, this doesn’t mean that biking will inevitably damage this part of your body and the elements of your life that come with it. Women can still enjoy biking as they always have, provided that they are aware of the potential risks and keep the following tips in mind:

  • Find a comfortable bicycle saddle that offers support and cushioning
  • Be sure your bike is properly sized
  • Wear bicycling shorts with padding and anatomical design.
  • Maintain an upright posture while riding to keep weight distribution on your bones, rather than soft tissue.
  • Take breaks when needed and adjust your position frequently. .

The future of women’s cycling is brighter than ever. Thanks to advances in technology and equipment, women can now be more prepared to combat some of the issues that come with this demanding sport.

Books About Women Cycling

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Women Cycling
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