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Bicycle Safety Flags
Bicycle Safety Flags

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What are Safety Flags for Bicycles?

Typically, bicycle safety flags are brightly colored flags that range in size from about ten to eighteen inches long.

They usually come in bright colors such as red, orange, or yellow. They are attached to a shaft that is around 6 feet long and are placed at the back of your bicycle. This shaft is made of flexible plastic that allows the bicycle flag to wave around in the air as you drive along to help you be visible to motorists. This back and forth motion of the flag, when paired with its bright color, can easily catch the attention of motorists and help you avoid an accident.

Why are they so important?

As far as bicycle safety equipment goes, safety flags rank very high. While bicycle reflectors work very well to make cyclists visible in the night, flags work both during the day and the night. Thanks to their height, they can be seen well above cars and can warm motorists of your approach. They are even effective for when you are exiting onto a street from between two parked cars.

But Aren’t Bicycle Safety Flags for Kids Only?

The answer is no. While they are more commonly used on children’s bicycles because of their height, adult cyclists will do well to use them too. Of course, this is not to say that they are all the safety equipment you will need when cycling. On the contrary, they are simply a preventive measure to help you avoid an accident. You will still need to wear protective clothing and gear such as helmets, knee pads, and gloves. Adding safety lights is also advisable.


Where to Buy Bicycle Safety Flags?

Bicycle safety flags usually come with brand new bicycles. If, for some reason, you have removed yours and misplaced them, you can easily purchase them again at any sports store or even online on sites such as eBay.com.

Bicycle Safety Flags
Bicycle Safety Flags

Buying Bicycle Safety Flags on eBay

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A Final Word of Advice

Safety is important when doing any kind of sport, be it outdoor or indoor. While cycling may not be an extreme sport but it is definitely a sport where accidents can happen due to the nature of the sport. Since you cycle outdoors, your bike ride could take you to areas where there is traffic, to areas where there may be poor lighting in the night, or you may even be cycling through rain or fog. For this reason, you must never underestimate the importance of bicycle safety equipment, proper lighting from bicycle reflectors, and even protective clothing. You should also keep an Outdoor First Aid Kit whenever you go cycling. Finally, if you would like some more safety tips to go with your chosen sport, read this article for great tips.

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