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Adult bicycle training wheels are tools that assist adults in learning or re-learning to ride a bicycle. People often say that once learnt, you will never forget how to ride a bicycle. However, I believe that this is not true because as we get older, we get out of practice and may not be able to ride bicycle as expertly as we sued to during childhood. This notion turns out to be true especially if you don’t get to ride a bicycle for a couple of years.

Unfortunately, it is very much possible to lose bicycling skills. In many cases this happens due to decreased endurance level, reduced capability of coordination and balance and may be simply because of aging. For instance, an inner ear related disease or Parkinson’s disease may affect your cycling skills tremendously. Fortunately, if you use training wheels you will easily be able to ride the bicycle once again and get your cycling skills revised.

Bicycle Training Wheels vs. Bicycle Stabilizers

It is a misconception that training wheels make cycling less effective as a fat-burning exercise. Actually, training wheels add more weight to your bike and you may end up burning more calories since the machine will become heavy and exertion level will increase accordingly.

Did you know…?

Did you know that riding a bicycle with training wheels burn same amount of calories as is burned while riding a regular bicycle.

The notion that with training wheels you will lose less weight is completely wrong. In fact, training wheels make the bike heavier and due to this you lose excessive weight than regular bike.

Various adult bicycle training wheels manufacturers have prompted a distinction between training wheels created to learn how to ride a bicycle and bicycle stabilizers that help in stabilizing the bicycle. Bicycle Stabilizers are usually for achieving full control and are used by adults having pre-existing health conditions that deter them from acquiring balance.

Bicycle stabilizers, unlike a majority of bicycle training wheels, are very sturdy and have larger wheels. Remember that adult or child bicycle training wheels should not be used as an effective replacement for an adult. These cannot hold the weight of an adult and cannot completely stabilize as well.

Where to Get Adult Training Wheels?

Adult wheels for bicycle training are relatively uncommon and are difficult to find at regular bike shops. However, if you research properly on various websites like Amazon and you can find and buy them online. Take a look:

Bicycle Trainers
Bicycle Trainers

Buying Adult Bicycle Training Wheels on Amazon

Buying Adult Bicycle Training Wheels on eBay

Did you know…?

Did you know how adult training wheels are connected to the bike?

These wheels are connected to the bicycle’s frame however, unlike child bicycle training wheels these aren’t connected to its rear wheels. Moreover, these are further extended whereas a child bicycle’s wheels are not extended.

A Substitute to Bicycles With Training Wheels?

Some special bikes/bicycles like the three wheels bike can be used as replacement of bicycle training wheels. These not just serve as an effective alternative of adult bicycle training wheels but also of stabilizing wheels. Take a look at this example:

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