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Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
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Roller bicycle indoor training stands Online

Roller trainers are very unique because they don’t hold the bike in the same was as any other regular indoor bicycle training stand does.

Its mechanism involves an unusual horizontal metal frame which holds three rollers. When it spins, the bicycle’s rear wheel comes in contact with the two rear rollers and then the required resistance is supplied. Front roller, on the other hand, supports the front wheel. However, there is no front roller present in some models of roller stands and instead a stand supports the front fork after removal of the front wheel.

Just like the case in other bicycle indoor training stands, where you connect your regular bike, you sit on your selected saddle and hold comfortable handlebars to practice. With roller stand, the same feeling of riding a regular bike is achieved. Resultantly, the bike gets positioned on the roller and cyclist received a realistic experience. In fact, your full cycling skills get improved because the bicycle is not being supported by a stand.

Learing How To Use Your Roller Trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

There is a tiny learning curve in this kind of stands, which might take some time for the cyclist to get used to and you might feel unsafe. But, this feeling will soon transform into an exhilarating and pleasurable experience.

Roller trainer is although exciting to practice on but it is also a bit risky if you aren’t able to maintain a steady rhythm because you can fall off from the bike. Therefore, always use the roller stand cautiously. If you place some exercise mats or crash mats around the area where you use your roller trainer then you will not hurt yourself when you tumble.

Bicycle Roller Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Excellent for balancing and techniques – These trainers ate ideal for improving cycling balance and pedalling/riding techniques.
  • Safety Note…

    Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

    Carefully use the roller trainer!

    With the help of a roller trainer, you can learn to spin at your home but risk will always be there! It is important to maintain stability and steady rhythm while rising.

  • Free Movement – You can move your bicycle freely, unlike other indoor bicycle stands, and this result in a much more realistic experience and less stress on the bike.
  • Easy setup – Roller stands can be setup easily and quickly since you don’t need to connect your bike to the stand.
  • Varying resistance levels – The cycling experience gets more realistic with its wide range of resistance.
  • Best for endurance – For long rides and endurance this trainer is perfect.


  • Safety concerns – There is a risk of losing your balance initially and tumbling may occur.
  • Not a multi-tasking machine – This trainer needs more concentration in comparison to other bicycle indoor training stands and this leaves little room for other tasks.
  • Restricted Resistance – Most roller trainers offer limited to no resistance and thus, your training will be limited.
  • Noisy – Because of their structure, roller trainers tend to be on the noisier side than other ordinary bicycle indoor training stands.

Features to Look For in Roller Trainers

The following features should be given preference while buying roller trainers.

  • Roller drum – Quality drums for instance, PVC roller drums, offer you a smoother ride and are long lasting.
  • Drums size – Varying drums sizes will allowdiverse cycling impact.
  • Foldability – To ensure easy storage and transportation, get a foldable roller trainer.
  • Frame – Do ensure that the frame is of high quality material.
  • Roller width – Do ensure that trainer is of wider width.
  • Foot pads – Make sure that the roller has quality foot pads to avoid roller’s sliding on the floor.
  • Modifiable roller drums – Trainer should accommodate numerous wheel sizes.
  • Resistance – Various hi-end trainers offer different resistance levels.
  • Warranty – Get a trainer which has a lifetime warranty.

Suggested Roller Trainers

CycleOps Rollers

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

This trainer can be folded easy and stored just about anywhere, which makes it very suitable for small spaces.Drum rollers are amazingly quiet and offer a very smooth ride. However, it offers limited resistance and has just five different levels of resistance. This means, your workout will be a bit stagnant. Nonetheless, the trainer is well-built as it is created from cast aluminium therefore, it won’t deteriorate or warp and will be long-lasting.

Elite Arion Home Trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Elite Parabolic offers one of the best “road” feels and has specially designed rollers, which grip the tires and ensure a realistic experience. This trainer can help in building and toning core muscles, which usually get overlooked while training indoors. Itis easy to set-up and storage wise it is also great for travelling.

Where to Buy Roller Bicycle Indoor Training Stands?

If you are interested in buying roller bicycle indoor training stands you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Roller Bicycle Indoor Training Stands Online

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