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Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
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Mountain bikers need a reliable indoor bicycle training stand and the Rim Trainer is the perfect option for them. There is no connectivity between the rear wheel and resistance device in a Rim Trainer and instead the resistance device is connected via the rear rim to the bicycle. Resistance device is usually magnetic. Rim Trainers are unique equipment because the noise level is fairly low and the vibrations caused due to the contact between the resistance device and rear tire is also low.

Tip: Always consider your bike’s measurement while buying rim trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Rim Trainers are specifically designed for mountain bikes and they come in different shapes and sizes. The largest size in rim trainers is really very huge since it is designed for extremely rocky terrains and hilly areas.

Therefore, before buying you must record the actual measurements of your bike and make the comparison with the trainer’s dimensions to get the perfect fit.

The Rim Trainer’s Structure

Rim bicycle training stands are different from other indoor training stands because instead of the rear wheel these are directly connected to the bicycle rim through two small wheels. These small wheels are actually driving a resistance device, which is usually a magnetic resistance device.

Rim Trainer Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Perfect for mountain bikers – Since there is no need to change the regular rear wheel tire with a slicker one therefore, Rim Trainers are ideal for mountain bikers.
  • Excludes tire wear – The tire rubber doesn’t come into direct contact therefore, no tire wear occurs.
  • Firmness – The rim bicycle indoor training stand is manufactured in a way that it happens to be more stable.
  • Low noise level – Since the bicycle tire does not contact directly thus, action becomes less noisy.
  • Dependable – Because of the fact that direct contact of the tire is not involved that’s why this trainer is very reliable.


  • Intricate setup – The setup process is a bit complex and requires full accuracy in order to function.
  • Not compatible with all bicycles – This trainer is incompatible with small bikes for example, bikes having small disks rims.

Features to look for in Rim Bicycle Trainer

The following features should be considered while buying a Rim bicycle trainer:

  • Low noise – Quiet trainers are a delight to train on and therefore, you need to try the trainer at the shop before you buy it to check out its sound level.
  • Varieties in Resistance levels – Good rim trainers are those that have various resistance levels.
  • Compatibility – Ensure that your chose trainer can hold your bicycle because some trainers offer limited compatibility.
  • Strength – Go for the trainer that have stable frame to enjoy a safe training experience.
  • Setup – Look for a trainer that is easier to setup, because rim trainers tend to be complex to install.

Rim Trainer Manufacturers

The most popular and reliable manufacturer of rim trainers is Minoura. Thake a look at this quality source of information about Rim and other bicycle indoor training stands.

Suggested Models of Rim Trainers

Minoura RDA2429D Rim Drive Trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Its design is revolutionary and it is a rim drive trainer, meaning that there is no need to remove your bike’s wheel to mount it on the equipment. Its set up is fairly simple and the device offers easy manoeuvrability, which makes it a rather uncomplicated and stress-free option for regular usage.

This rimdrive trainer offers a natural and realistic workout feel because of its improved timing and mounting feature. For extended ride sessions it is perfect because it won’t warp or heat up. Due to its manual resistance adjustments, cyclist can enjoy a varied routine. The only drawback would be its price but since you get a limited lifetime warranty therefore, it is a safe investment.

Redline/Minoura 2024D Rim Mag Trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

What else can you expect when two great companies collaborate to create one device—excellence of course. This is exactly what this Rim Mag Trainer offers. It is an extremely stable and compact device.

There is no problem of rim driver wearing out and the smooth and realistic magnetic resistance is the primary advantage of this equipment. Anyone searching to train effectively during bad weather season should definitely buy this trainer.

Where to Buy Rim Bicycle Indoor Training Stands?

If you are interested in buying rim bicycle indoor training stands you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Buying Rim Bicycle Indoor Training Stands on eBay

Rim Trainers on YouTube

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