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Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
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Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
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Sample Wind Bicycle Indoor Training Sands Online

Wind Trainers are commonly used and popular equipment for bicycle training. These are stands, also known as air trainers, used in bicycle training.

The Wind Trainers are entry level trainers and are a worthwhile investment although these are not the best when it comes to bicycle training and many shops don’t even sell them. An important benefit offered by Wind Trainers is their progressive resistance. These offer a realistic experience. A shortcoming of these trainers is their high noise level. Wind Trainers are excellent for maintaining your fitness and strength when the outdoor weather conditions are poor. However, wind trainers offer low resistance in comparison to indoor trainers.

Bicycle wind trainers are just like other cycling training indoor stands. The cyclist needs to connect his bicycle to a resistance device in order to start pedalling. Two main types of resistance are offered by wind trainers, one is created by the gravity force and is affected mainly by the slosh of our ride and the other is caused by the friction with the wind. Since we ride faster therefore, the dominance of wind resistance is most likely to happen.

Good to Know…?

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Maximize the effectiveness of your wind trainer through cycling.

Wind trainers are famous for maintaining fitness and health of the people. They experience lesser resistance from wind trainers as compared to other indoor trainers.

Bicycle Wind Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Realistic resistance – Resistance increases with your cycling speed.
  • Simplistic mechanism – these stands are user-friendly, uncomplicated and long-lasting.
  • Easy Installation – Wind trainers can be easily setup; all you need to do is connect your bicycle with the stand.
  • Cheap – These trainers are relatively simple and cheap.


  • High noise level – Wind trainers are very noisy and you need to put your mp3 headset on while cycling.
  • Limited training levels – A majority of wind trainers offer limited levels of resistance.

Features to Look for in Wind Trainers

While buying a wind trainer, look for the following features:

  • Noise level – As mentioned above, the high noise level is the biggest disadvantage of wind trainers. Therefore, check out the stands’ noise level while buying and choose the one that produces lowest noise. This can be done by checking the blades shape.
  • Multiple resistance levels – In order to simulate realistic cycling conditions, choose a trainer which offers various resistance levels.
  • It should be foldable – Go for portable and fordable wind trainers so that you can keep under your bed when not in use.
  • Stability – Stability should be the primary feature you need ensure in any kind of indoor training stand especially in wind trainers.
  • Cost – Although wind trainers are not very expensive but if you are running on a budget then do check out the price.
  • Installation ease – Wind trainers are easy to setup but you must ensure if the one you are buying is easy to install or not.
  • Warranty – Wind trainers are although long-lasting but do look for warranty in order to save your money.

Wind Trainer Manufacturers

The most noteworthy bicycle indoor training stands manufacturers are:

Suggested Wind Trainers

Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

It is one of the best trainers, if you want a fan trainer. In comparison to other models, it is rather cheap and offers great return-on-investment. One great shortcoming is that it is very loud but this is nothing considering the double flywheel it has, which offers a very realistic road feel. It also offers various adjustable resistance levels.

CycleOps Wind Trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

It is well-built, sturdy and foldable equipment manufactured with hollow aluminium tubes and impressive plastic. However, it comes with a limited warranty of five years. This model is very adjustable and can be connected to most bicycles whether mountain or road. This wind trainer can be stored under your bed and offers great resistance but is also very noisy like other trainers of its kind.

Where to Buy Wind Bicycle Indoor Training Stands?

If you are interested in buying wind bicycle indoor training stands you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Buying Wind Bicycle Indoor Training Stands on eBay

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