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Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
CycleOps Fluid 2 Bicycle Trainer
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Fluid bicycle indoor training stands Online

Bicycle training stands in which the resistance devices are liquid-based are called Fluid Trainers or Liquid Trainers.

Liquid/Fluid trainers are relatively new technology-wise and utilize a progressive resistance, that is, the harder you pedal the greater its resistance will be.

Its operating mechanism is rather novel and offers the indoor cyclist a very realistic experience. Fluid trainers are perfect for improving muscular strength.

Bicycle Liquid Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Genuine resistance – Realistic resistance and closer-to-real-life experience is the highlight of fluid trainers. The faster you pedal, the higher will be the resistance, just like it happens when you are cycling outside your home.
  • Low noise level – In comparison to the rather noisy wind trainers and a majority of magnetic trainers, the fluid trainers are very quiet and offer low sound level.
  • Dependability – Fluid trainers are very reliable and easier to use.
  • Easy to setup – Setup wise fluid trainers are simple, easy and user-friendly. You can also move it easily from one place to another.


  • High Price – The major drawback of fluid bicycle trainers is that these are very expensive in comparison to the rather inexpensive options like wind trainers and magnetic trainers.
  • Leakage – Previous models of Fluid trainers had minor leakage issues but fortunately this problem is not as common in its newer models.

Things to Consider while Buying Fluid Trainers

While buying a fluid indoor bicycle trainer look for the following features:

  • Numerous resistance levels: Although all fluid trainers offer multiple resistance levels but it is better to confirm it before buying.
  • Sound level: Always go for the trainer which has low noise level. You can try the trainer at the shop to evaluate the difference in sound levels of different models.
  • Cooling mechanism: Fluid trainers can heat up occasionally. However there are trainers available which come with self-cooling mechanism. To keep the unit’s performance consistence over time you must go for the model which has self-cooling mechanism.
  • Steadiness: Always select the model which has a wide and stable frame.
  • Foldability: Do ensure that the trainer is foldable because you will be able to move it around and store it under your bed.
  • Warranty: Select the model which offers a lifetime or long-term warranty.

Liquid Trainer manufacturers

A relatively higher level of resistance is generally offered by all fluid indoor trainers in comparison to other types of indoor training equipment. Thus, these are ideal for enhancing muscular strength and develop powerful legs to win races.

The top five fluid trainer manufacturers are as follows:

Suggested Fluid Trainers

Nashbar Fluid Trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

This trainer is super-quiet and the rider can easily watch TV or carry on a cell phone conversation while training. It is well-built having great fluid drive for an utterly realistic experience and gives a quick release for easy break down and set-up.

Its resistance unite has been redesigned completely due to which it now gives up to 25% more resistance than its previous models. An internal flywheel is responsible for offering quiet operation to the rider.

Cycle-Ops Jet Fluid Pro Trainer

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

This high-quality fluid trainer has a revolutionary design, which makes indoor training a quiet and enjoyable experience. Its new and improved design offers riders a pleasurable experience to the cyclists no matter how long they ride because there is no issue of overheating and damage to the unit. A vast range of resistance levels is offered due to which cyclist can customize their workout and ensure much more productive training session.

Jet Black Z1 Fluid Trainer, Hydrogel Roller

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Its sleek and stylish design, noise-less experience and stability are the highlights of this model. It does not shake or vibrate even at high speeds. The resistance levels are wide ranged and easily adjustable. The super soft rubber decreases tire wear and adds to the durability of this unit.

Where to Buy Fluid Bicycle Indoor Training Stands?

If you are interested in buying fluid bicycle indoor training stands you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Buying Fluid Bicycle Indoor Training Stands on eBay

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