Bicycle Indoor Training Stands


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Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Selected bicycle indoor training stands on Bicycle

With an indoor bicycle training stand, you can easily perform biking exercise inside your home when the weather outside is not favourable or if you simply want to ride while watching TV.

What Are Bicycle Indoor Training Stands?

These are basically solid frames on which you place and connect your bicycle. They are like tools that makes your outdoor bicycle functionalat home.

Typically, indoor training stands comprise of three parts:

  • Roller
  • Resistance device
  • Rear axle bicycle stand

Did you know…?

Did you know that different trainers have different types of training requirements?

Yes, it’s the fact that most bikers don’t focus on selecting indoor trainers according to their requirements. They are required to invest in rock and roll trainers to simulate the riding experience over different terrains.

Bicycle Attachment

It is rather easy and simple to install your bicycle on the indoor training stand. Just pull-up the rear wheel to the appropriate height that you need and the bicycle will get connected with the rear axle bicycle stand. To raise the front wheel, use a riser block.Generally, a majority of bicycle stands offer adjustable resistance devices to suit the cyclists’ needs.

Types of Stationary Bicycle Stands

The main purpose of using a bicycle stand is to hold your bicycle in place. However, stationary bicycle stands are also of different types, which become apparent through the impact they impose on your indoor riding experience.

The types are as follows:

Wind Trainer – It generates resistance to the rear wheel through a pedal driven fan and cyclists’ leg power.

Read here more information about the Wind trainer.

Magnetic Trainer – It generates resistance with help of opposing magnets.

Read here more information about the Magentic trainer.

Bicycle Rim Trainer – In this kind of trainer, the resistance device is connected to the bike through its rear rim. This minimizes noise level and vibrations as well as prevents tire wear.

Read here more information about the Rim trainer.

Fluid Trainer – Resistance is produced through liquid filled chambers.

Read here more information about the Fluid trainer.

Rock and Roll Trainer – This trainer imitates the natural swaying motion and offers the cyclist a more realistic cycling experience.

Read here more information about the Rock-and-Roll trainer.

Bicycle Roller Trainer – Resistance gets created from the friction between bike’s tires and the rollers.

Read here more information about the Roller trainer.

Virtual Reality Trainer – This trainer although requires attaching your bicycle to a resistance device but it is unique from all others because it involves sophisticated cycling simulation in real time using virtual reality.

Read here more information about the Virtual Reality trainer.

Take a lok at this YouTube clip about the main bicycle indoor training stands:

Indoor Training vs. Outdoor Bicycle Exercise

There are several advantages and disadvantages of training indoors. Remember that there are two substitutes to using a training stand; first is to ride on an actual bicycle and second is to use a stationary bicycle. Let’s evaluate all the alternatives.

Advantages of Indoor Training

  • Indoor training stands make it possible to practice/exercise indoors during bad weather conditions like very hot, cold and/or rainy days. Thus, you can never miss your workout.
  • If you have resumed bicycling after a gap of several years then this is the perfect option to polish and revise your cycling skills and prevent injuries.
  • For people who love to multitask indoor training is more feasible because you won’t miss your favourite TV show or sports event. If you are a parent, indoor training will allow you to watch over your baby and stay in shape as well.
  • Safety is not a concern at all when you are training on stationary bicycle stands since the environment is controlled and there are no such hindrances like traffic, pedestrians or bad roads.
  • There is no need to buy another expensive stationary bicycle since you will be using your own bike no matter what type it is whether a mountain bike or road racing bike, etc.

Disadvantages of Indoor Training

  • Sometimes indoor training may feel boring and less inspiring because it becomes an individual activity with no real-life view to enjoy while riding/cycling.
  • A safety issue that you may have to face with indoor bicycle training is of tire wear. You also may topple over due to exaggerated motion. Therefore, indoor training is not hundred percent safe.

Where to Buy Bicycle Indoor Training Stands?

If you are interested in buying bicycle indoor training stands you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Trainers
Bicycle Trainers
Bicycle Trainers

Buying Bicycle Indoor Training Stands on Amazon

Buying Bicycle Indoor Training Stands on eBay


It is apparent that the advantages of indoor training outweigh its disadvantages. There are several additional incentives of opting for indoor bicycle training such as it improves your overall performance, ensures rehabilitation if you are a beginner cyclist, makes you aware about different bicycle parts and enhances endurance, stamina and strength.

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands Accessories

There are several accessories that can make your indoor training more effective, enjoyable and safe. Take a look at these samples:

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Floor Mat – This simple mat will not only protect the floor from sweat, but also help minimize the vibrations and make the tainting more quite.

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Sweat Net – Unlike the floor mat, this mat is designed to protect the bicycle frame and handlebars from the excessive sweat while training indoors.

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Climbing Block – This tool can help you adjust the height of the front tire when the bicycle is attached to the trainer. It can make the training more comfortable and realistic.

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Training Tires – You might be surprised, but there are special bicycle tires for training. They are quite different than road or mountain bike tires: in most cases they are more durable and are less prone to heat build-up.

Where to Buy Accessories For Bicycle Indoor Training Stands?

If you are interested in buying accessories for bicycle indoor training stands you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands
Bicycle Indoor Training Stands

Buying Accessories For Bicycle Indoor Training Stands on eBay

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