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Bicycle Training Wheels
Bicycle Training Wheels
Bicycle Training Wheels

Bicycle training wheels Online

Bicycle training wheels have most certainly been the part of every kid’s childhood since these help young children learn to ride a bicycle. Training wheels are thus, the very basic tools that are used to master the skill of bicycle riding. These are two small wheels that are connected to either sides of the rear wheel and hang slightly off the ground. These do not touch the ground simply because the purpose these serve is of acting as a support mechanism and not a substitute of human effort.

Training wheels prevent the learner from falling over or tumbling and are used until the cyclists or learner gets completely comfortable with the riding experience. However, there should be a deadline for using training wheels so that the learner doesn’t become too dependent on them. Parents must tell their children the time when the wheels will be taken off so that her or she tries to learn within that duration. Apart from some minor cuts and bruises I learned one thing that would be hard for me to unlearn, and that is riding a bicycle.

How to Use Bicycle Training Wheels?

Firstly make sure that the wheels are well-fitted, well-secured to the frame and are from a reputed brand.

It is important that your bike has just a small degree of side-to-side tipping angle because if it is too much then your child can fall down badly just like he would when learning without training wheels.

Initially, keep the wheels at their lowest setting and then gradually increase them a notch with the progress of your child. You need to create an unbalanced effect so that your child gets to develop his or her own sense of balance.

There will come a time when the child won’t need stabilizing equipment at all and you can happily remove the training wheels from the bicycle.

Pros and Cons of Bicycle Training Wheels


Good to Know…

Bicycle Training Wheels

Always set time for your child to ride the training wheels.

Training wheels are the easiest way to train children for riding regular bikes but, it is important for parents to take great care of their safety and make sure that they are not left alone.

  • Ideal for enhancing confidence level
  • Compatible with virtually any bicycle
  • Inexpensive
  • Prevent lots of spills throughout the training period


  • Child may develop dependency on the wheels
  • Training may become slower
  • Installation on some bike models may be difficult
  • Some manoeuvres may be hazardous with training wheels

Buying and Installing Training Wheels

You can buy bicycle training wheels from virtually anywhere. A regular bicycle shop will definitely have loads of training wheels in various sizes. You may also purchase them online.

To install training wheels is a relatively simple and easy process because all you need is a wrench along with the training wheels.

  • Find out the location of the rear wheel
  • Search for the nut on the axle, which connects the bike frame to the wheel
  • Using the wrench loosen and remove the nut present on any one side of the wheel.
  • Glide on one of the training wheels
  • Swap the screw
  • Repeat this process to attach the other training wheel
  • You need to place the bicycle upright because training wheels need to be at least few centimetres above the ground
  • Tighten up the nuts

Remember: a safe, traffic-free and pleasurable environment is necessary so that your child can practice comfortably.

Where to Buy Bicycle Training Wheels?

If you are interested in buying bicycle training wheels and bicycles with training wheels you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

bicycle training wheels
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Buying Bicycles With Training Wheels on eBay

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