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Bike Training Camps
Bike Training Camps
Bike Training Camps

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If you are looking for a way to spend your free time while engaging in active hobbies with positive health benefits, let me suggest going for bike training camps. This presents the opportunity to meet and spend time with new friends, or make it a personal affair by doing it with your family members.

Bike Training Camps General Info

In every state all over the US, you are bound to find a bike training camp held at some point during the year. In the sunnier states like California, the camps are usually held throughout the year as there is no concern about the weather. In the colder states however, you will find that camps are only held around the beginning of spring through summer into late fall. They are designed to teach cycling fundamentals and a few advanced techniques that can help both professional and amateur riders make the most of their cycling time. The experience is definitely bound to equip you with some useful tidbits. Most bike training camps usually last for around four days on average.


The cost of training camps can vary depending on some specific factors. One of these factors is the size and nature of the company organizing the camp. Smaller companies usually charge anything from 500 dollars, while large companies charge a higher fee that can go as high as a couple of thousands. Another determining factor is the nature of the training offered. Beginner training camps will definitely be cheaper as compared to camps specializing in training advanced cyclists or those who want to go pro.

Since these camps tend to be quite popular among bicycling enthusiasts, it is necessary to contact the organizing company as early as a couple of months before it begins. Like any other even, to confirm your place you will need to commit to a deposit. The deposit can be a percentage of the full camp cost, while others will ask for a fixed cost in dollar terms.

The Registration Fee Covers:

Knowing what you are paying for before you make the actual payment will help you know exactly what it is you are paying for and whether you are getting the value for your money.

Tip: Don’t mind bringing more than enough supplies

Bike Training Camps

Although you can’t bring your home to bike training camps bring supplies to last you through and then some. Bring cycling clothes for each day as down time should be for relaxation not for doing laundry; bring a lot of water as you can carry it back home if it remains unused.

Bringing a lot of supplies will help you focus on cycling and having fun, nothing else.

Room and board is one of the basics covered by the registration to bike training camps. However, it is important to note that in most camp arrangements, rooms will be shared. You can still get your own private room if that is what you want but be prepared to pay extra.

High performance cycling requires you to stay properly energized. Most camps will also include energy snacks and drinks under the registration fee. Some of the things you can expect to be left out of the registration fee include your air travel cost to the camp destination, in case it is far away.

Your bike’s transport cost, if you choose to travel with is also not covered under the registration cost. Whichever way you choose to transport your bike, note that any damage incurred will not be covered by the camp organizer as well. Make sure you choose the shipping company and package carefully.

Preparing for Bike Training Camps

To be properly prepared for the camp, you will need to have all necessary cycling supplies as well as personal effects in order. Make sure that your bicycle is in the best condition before going off to the cycling training camp. It is recommended that you take it to a professional bike repair shop to get everything tuned.

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Take the time to learn about some of the bike training camps available so as to make the most informed decision when it comes to choosing one for you.

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