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Biking Exercise
Biking Exercise
Biking Exercise

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Cycling does not just revolve around racing but also includes activities that enhance the rider’s fitness through biking exercise. It is this versatility that makes cycling such a popular activity all over the world. On a bicycle you can ride around leisurely in the neighborhood or choose to put your fitness to the test by going on the three thousand kilometer Tour de France. For those just looking to enhance their physical fitness by riding a bicycle, you will find a comprehensive description of what you need to know about biking fitness.

Principles of Basic Fitness and Biking Exercise

How do you get the most out of biking exercise while at the same time minimizing your chances of injury? Find some useful tips listed below.

  • Exercise proper nutrition to boost your energy levels.
  • For extended exercise sessions have some packed energy snacks or drinks.
  • Make sure you always stretch after extended exercise sessions.
  • Make sure that you rest as required. A restful night’s sleep ensures that you are at your best at all times.
  • Include a warm up session before the biking exercise and a cool down phase afterwards.

The Importance of Warming Up (and Cooling Down)

A standard warm up session includes cycling at a low and easy tempo for about a quarter of an hour. This gets the synovial fluid in the joints in your legs going and hence lubricates them. It also prepares the body for the biking exercise to follow. Warm up also gets blood flow to the muscles up and therefore boosts performance at the simplest level. A warm up session is highly important in getting your body ready for the biking exercise and more so avoiding or reducing the risk of injury during exercise due to lack of proper preparation.

Do You Need a Cool Down as Well? Definitely!

A cool down on the other hand allows your body to get back to a state of rest and low levels of exertion after an extended period of physical strain. A good cool down session should last bout five to ten minutes, while cycling at a lower tempo. By not taking your body through a cool down session, and going from intense training to a sudden stop, you risk experiencing dizziness when getting off your bike and the added risk of accidents and injury.

Types of Biking Exercises

Cycling workouts should be included into your schedule at least tice or thrice a week. The training intensity should be dictated by the reasons why you are training. For instance those training for a certain event should choose a regimen that is suited to that event. On the other hand those training to keep fit should use long distance training as a way of maintaining their fitness.

Biking Exercise

Travel/Tempo Training: This type of training strategy involves, training for longer over one or two hours. Short bursts of around 30-60 seconds of high tempo cycling should be integrated into the schedule. It is use to train the legs on fast tempo cycling.

Sprint Training: This involves taking 10-20 seconds where you sprint as hard as you can before getting back to your normal tempo. It is vital in boosting your body’s ability to break down lactic acid to fuel muscles as fast as possible.

Long Distance Training: This is usually done at a slow pace for an extended period of time. This type of training is used to improve the body’s endurance. It is recommended that a weekly long and slow ride be included in your exercise routine.

Hill Exercise: This is best suited to those who will be cycling on hilly terrain during their event. It is great for boosting fitness and also improving the rider’s expertise in riding up inclines. This is one of the most demanding forms of biking exercise.

Great Resources for Biking Exercises

Although cycling/training in a group is great in keeping you motivated, sometimes you will have to train by yourself due to other commitments. A training computer or heart rate monitor is a great way to get you to keep up with your training schedule and therefore maintain your exercise intensity. Check out this article about cycling power meters to learn about what it can do for you.

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