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Cycling Technique
Cycling Technique
Cycling Technique

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Cycling technique is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that you get the most out of your cycling experience. It influences how efficient and comfortable you are when cycling. To ensure that you have the right technique, make sure that you initiate the changes necessary to achieve the points listed below. These will enhance the value of your bicycle riding technique.

The Best Techniques to Enhance Performance

Hill Climbs: For the best bicycle training sessions try climbing some hills to improve your fitness. This means that you have to have to begin with smaller hills and then include one steep hill in your weekly training. As your fitness improves you will be getting over hills effortlessly.

Proper Nutrition: Fuelling your body before engaging in any cycling competition is vital. Cycling is an energy consuming activity that requires you to be well energized for the best performance. Consume solid food before the race as your body has the time to digest it and save high energy gels, bars and drinks for later during the race. Remember not to change your nutrition too close to the competition as you risk irritating your stomach.

Raise Intensity Gradually: To ensure that you save your energy reserves for sprints down the road, you will need to train your body to learn how to burn fat and preserve the sugar for later. By starting slowly you will be able to raise your heart rate and metabolism slowly as well so as to burn fat. This is a great way of boosting fitness and keeping lean.

Train your Whole Body: Even though cycling is known to be a great source of exercise, it does not cover the entire body. Cycling exercises your lower body the most, use alternative exercise methods to keep your upper body fit as well.

Proper Cycling Posture

Tip: Try to get your cadence at 100 as fast as possible

Cycling Technique

To avoid getting overly tired and straining your knees, make sure that you get your cadence at 100 and then do your best to maintain it. This is usually done by shifting gears.

Every time you notice that you are bouncing on the saddle, shift up; if you are struggling shift down. This will get you over long slopes much faster and easily.

The Hands: You need to ensure that you properly grip the handlebars to avoid slippage during riding. Your thumb should wrap around the handlebar for the strongest grip.

It is also recommended that you try and keep changing the positioning of your hands on the handlebars as you change your cycling style to allow the muscles to adapt to this style.

Pedaling: Pedaling provides the necessary driving force on a bicycle; to improve efficiency, always pedal with your feet flat. Make sure you push the pedal forward as you approach the top of the pedaling arc for even more power.

Head: You need to position your head in a way that holding it up will not create unnecessary tension around the neck, back and even arms. This tension is usually relieved by only raising your head slightly when cycling.

If you constantly have problems with neck pain please read this article.

Make the Most of Your Bike

Gears: Gears are supposed to make cycling as efficient as possible. You want to ensure that the gear at which you are cycling is the most efficient for the terrain and style. The optimal cycling lies between 90-100 rpm. Going below this means you are putting your body under excess load by cycling at a higher gear, while anything above this means you are using a lower gear.

Seat: The bicycle seat provides rider’s with the necessary support while riding. Properly positioning the seat will reduce undue pressure on the lower back and shoulders. Position the set with pointing slightly upwards at the front to avoid slipping forward.

If you suffer from discomfort when cycling read this article on bicycling and pain.


To develop the best riding technique you can begin by identifying the aspects that come naturally to you so as to work on those you lack at.

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