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Cycling Training Program
Cycling Training Program
Cycling Training Program

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Cycling is an enjoyable but also physically demanding activity, and cycling workouts are the hallmark of it all. Whether I am training with my coach, taking a long bicycle marathon with my mother or going on a cycling tour with my dad, it always enjoy the draining experience of a bicycling workout at all times. These are three people who I look up to when it comes to cycling fitness.

I always use the fact that I am used to commuting by bicycle to and from work but they counter this by stating that exercising is on a totally different level. So I find myself asking what the difference between going on a long bicycle ride and exercising in the gym is. As a seasoned cycling enthusiast, I have researched the subject of cycling workouts and have learned a lot. The main take away, has been the fact that these exercises do have a real impact and are among the most effective fat burning activities I know.

If you are looking to burn some calories and like cycling then you can read the page on bicycling for weight loss. As for bike riding enthusiasts the fact that you burn fat comes as an additional bonus. Let’s take a look at the lessons I took away from the many forums I visited and the research I conducted over the internet as a whole.

Various Cycling Workouts

Cycling Workouts at the Gym

When it comes to cycling exercises, it is important to note that they are conducted in a controlled environment that eliminates all dangers you face riding on the open road. You need not stay alert or even maintain contact with the handlebars. This takes away from a real cycling experience.

Cycling Workouts Cycling Workouts Cycling Workouts

On the exercise front, the load on stationary bikes is controlled using resistance pads. These bikes are guaranteed to have you sweating like any other workout around a gym or not.

Important: If you are interested in exercising indoors using your regular bicycle, a bicycle indoor training stand would be a great idea.

Did you know…?

Cycling Workouts

Did you know that cycling has great cardiovascular benefits?

According to research findings by the British Heart Foundation, cycling for a minimum of 20 kilometers per week will lower your risk of heart disease by 50%.

Road Biking Exercise

When using on road or trail cycling as your means of bicycling exercise, you get to reap some advantages but also expose yourself to some distinct cycling disadvantages. The open road provides varying terrain that works to increase and maintain the cycling load from time to time. The fact that you can ride for hours also improves your endurance as well.

The main difference when it comes to gym bicycling exercises and on-road cycling exercises is the risk that you are exposed to. Traffic on the road tends to pose a risk to riders. However, since you need to maintain vigilance when riding on the road you also develop awareness as well.

Mountain Biking Exercises

Mountain biking exercises vary a lot from regular road exercises. A mountain bike ride along a testing trail will not just test your cycling skills but also your strength. Inclines and slopes are the norm not to mention swerving from side to side to avoid obstacles on the road.

Muddy, rough and hard trails present different physical challenges to cyclists. This combined with the added physical stress from the mountain bile design means that mountain biking is great for strength gain.


Different cycling exercises provide different exercise value:

  • Road Cycling Exercise – Good for Endurance
  • Mountain Biking Exercise Cycling – Good for Strength
  • Gym Cycling Exercises – Great for Aerobic Exercises

Pick from the list depending on what you are looking for. For an all-round workout, you can pick a mix of everything.

“The sound of a car door opening in front of you
is similar to the sound of a gun being cocked.”
Amy Webster

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