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how to ride a bicycle
how to ride a bicycle
how to ride a bicycle
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Teach your child how to ride a bicycle with these aids found Online

Getting your child to learn how to ride a bicycle can be quite challenging as we have discovered ourselves with our lastborn son, Guy. To get him on his training bike took a lot of promises and bribes if you will. Our main motivation was to get him to learn to enjoy cycling and therefore get the opportunity to go on a family ride at one point. When he finally agreed to try it out we had to try numerous ways to get him through it all.

Learning How to Ride a Bicycle

I have taken the time to collect all these methods together and have a detailed list laid out below just for you:

Using training wheels

Traditional approach

Walking the bike

Training Wheels

The first and most important lesson when it comes to learning how to ride a bike is balancing. Children are scared of taking a tumble as they are yet to learn how to balance on two wheels. Bicycle training wheels are great for practicing balance.

With training wheels, children are able to learn how to pedal properly without worrying about falling on one side. Once the child gains the right level of confidence on the bicycle, they can trust themselves to ride on two wheels without any fear. The wheels can be removed from then on.

The Traditional Approach

If training wheels do quite do it for you, then how about trying to hold the bicycle saddle while you run alongside the bike like my dad did for me?

Did you know…?

How to Ride A Bicycle

Did you know that walking the bicycle is the most effective ways to learn how to ride?

When using this method, use a bicycle that seems smaller for the child in question so as to let their feet firmly rest on the ground. You can lower the bicycle saddle to achieve this as well.

This method involves letting go of the saddle when the trainer gets momentum. As you can imagine, it results in a few painful tumbles.

As a precaution, choose a patch of soft training ground for the least pain when your kid does take a fall. It is also helpful to make sure that you adequately prepare your child for the experience by telling them what to expect and what to do.

My dad’s instructions were somewhat simple and brief, keep pedaling and not to look at him. Not the best guide! Eventually I did learn but I also remember the painful crashes as well.

Walking the Bicycle

This involves removing the pedals from the bicycle and letting your child plant their feet on the ground for balance. To propel the bike forward, they will need to push off their feet. as they get used to this they will push harder and move faster allowing them to coast over a short distance before coming to a stop.

They will be able to balance and can begin learning how to use the pedals.

Books About How to Ride A Bicycle

More information on how to ride a bicycle can be found on several informative books. Take a look at these selected books:

How to Ride A Bicycle
How to Ride A Bicycle
How to Ride A Bicycle


The most interesting fact I can share with you is that children will only learn how to ride a bicycle when they are ready for it. Even after trying all the above methods, my son was only able to cycle when he came around to it. He asked me to teach him how to and after a couple of hours he was great on his own.

“The hardest part of raising a child is teaching them to ride bicycles. A shaky child on a bicycle for the first time needs both support and freedom. The realization that this is what the child will always need can hit hard.”
Sloan Wilson

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