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Mountain Bike Training
Mountain Bike Training
Mountain Bike Training

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Mountain bike training is quite different from other types of cycling training. One of the things you need to understand when it comes to mountain bike training is the fact that it needs to be suited by the training terrain used. This terrain is quite easy to find for those living around the backwoods in the country side. City dwellers on the other hand will have a tough time finding the right course.

You can read my page on mountain biking sport to get ready for the challenging hilly terrain.

Hilly Terrain Mountain Biking Training

If you are intent on mountain bike training then you need to find some hilly terrain around where you live for the best preparation.

Real mountain biking will involve cycling up inclines and then going down slopes. Therefore you will need enough preparation on similar terrain even around the city.

Take your bike out and ride around the area you live in making sure you mark inclines and slopes you can use an old map to mark all these out so as to have a point of reference.

When training up and down the slopes you will need to use different strategies to get uphill. One of the strategies preferred here includes using low gears to cycle slowly uphill and preserve your energy levels. This helps pace yourself when you feel drained and gets you to recover.

The other strategy involves attacking an assent with a high gear engaged. This helps you get up the hill in the least amount of time but can be draining. A perfect execution of both of these strategies will help you get through the race in the least amount of time.

Sprint Work

Sprint work is important in enhancing your fitness level.

Did you know…?

Mountain Bike Training

Did you know that strong arms and core body strength are necessary for serious mountain bikers?

If you are looking to maintain your control on a bike that is constantly being pushed from side to side in the face of fatigue, weight training is going to be vital. It boosts the muscles endurance in such tiring circumstances therefore helping cyclists to avoid making costly mistakes due to the effect fatigue has on decision making.

When it comes to sprint work you will want to keep the cycling load high so that your heart rate can pick up as fast as possible and for the required duration.

To achieve this you will need to sprint uphill for 30-60 seconds. This is the ideal time as any longer and you risk over burdening yourself while any slower and you will hardly crack a sweat. When going on a sprint it is best to include breaks in between sprints for recovery. The break should be a short period of slow riding.

One of the standards followed in sprint training is peak 8 training. Here the cyclists is supposed to sprint to their maximum sprint speed for 30 seconds and then go for two minutes of slow riding over and over, eight times. Since it can be difficult to find a stretch of riding terrain that has the right pattern of inclines you can use the bicycle gears to maintain the load during sprints.

Endurance Training Program

Endurance training for mountain bikers is only important if you are preparing for a bicycle tour. During such tours, it is important to ensure that you are ready to ride for hours and taking short breaks after a couple of hours.

It is recommended that you begin training about twelve weeks before the mountain bike tour commences. Take a long ride every week. You can increase this number to two or three when the tour is just a few weeks before the tour. You can take a break for training to recover and get ready for the tour during the last week.

My page on mountain bikes offers more information for those interested in learning more.

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