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Triathlon Bike Training
Triathlon Bike Training
Triathlon Bike Training

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Triathlon bike training is designed to get a triathlon athlete ready for the cycling part of the event as well as help in getting the body used to the transition between the cycling and running part. A triathlon consists of three different activities including swimming, cycling and running. The athlete needs to be ready for each event so as to make it through the entire thing.

The Transition

The most challenging thing athletes participating in triathlons encounter is the need to transition from one activity to the other while maintaining optimal performance of the body. Each activity in a triathlon involves the use of various muscles in the body, when changing from one activity to another the muscles will be functioning differently and this often leads to loss of balance and even toppling over.

Athletes who want to perform well in a triathlon even will need to do their best to master the transition as they stand to gain a lot by seamlessly transitioning from one event to the other. At this point we will consider the transition from cycling to running. To master this transition and avoid falling over as soon as you begin running it is recommended that you train on a bicycle for around one to one and a half hours. Afterwards, par your bicycle and run for around fifteen minutes. Note that you will need to get your muscles used to this routine before you begin worrying about performance and speed.


Triathlons are all about endurance and for this you will need your energy reserves to be full so as to last through the event.

Here we are not necessarily talking about daily dieting routines but the best diet combinations to get you pumped full of energizing nutrients for the triathlon. For this you will need to try out energy bars, drinks and gel packs. Note that since your metabolism differs from other people, finding the right balance involved trial and error.

Another point of note is that you will need to keep your combination constant and never change it too close to the event date as you will be risking causing a stomach upset. You also risk losing your energy reserves without giving your body the chance to replenish fast enough.


Endurance is the name of the game when it comes to triathlon racing.

Did you know…?

Triathlon Bike Training

Did you know that it is best to accumulate energy as early as 24 hours before the triathlon race?

Triathlons can be quite draining, make sure that you are ready for the event by eating right a day before the event. This does not mean that you eat more but sensibly. You should reduce your portions and ensure that you include proteins in all the meals you eat from that point onwards.

It is recommended that you give your body time to take in all the nutrients by having a ten hour time difference between the last dinner to the race and breakfast before the race.

Triathlon events come in different forms with different distances. For instance there are shorter events that require 20 km of cycling. The Ironman even requires 180 km while a half Ironman involves 90km cycling. The distance that you will be training for will give you an idea of how hard you need to train for endurance.

The ironman event requires total commitment with daily training to get your body ready for the race. This is more or less the same for the half ironman event as well. However the shorter races do not require utmost dedication and training once a week for a few months before the event will get you ready for what lies ahead.

As a point of note, always ensure that you try out your nutrition mix during training to get a better understanding of exactly how you will perform during the event. Make sure you try different types of mixes so as to find out which one will be the best. When training for triathlon events you will want to ensure that you stay focused by setting the target time you wish to beat. Note that you should be realistic when setting this time. In most cases, this time should take into consideration the fact that you will be moving swimming and jumping on your bike and not from rest. All estimates and targets should be longer.

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Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle

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