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Find Major Bicycle Types Online

There are numerous bicycle types as there are different terrains and cycling preferences. By the time you manage to get through the list of bicycle types I have compiled below you will be better suited to finding the best bicycle to fit your cycling needs.

Some of the Common Bicycle Types Include

Road Racing Bicycles

Bicycle Types: Road Racing bicycles

This class of bicycles features lightweight and streamlined frames. They are mainly designed for agility and speed on the road. They are an appropriate choice for people who want to engage in cycling competitions, touring and exercise.

Mountain Bikes

Bicycle Types: Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is no walk in the park! The sheer strength and design of mountain bikes is testament to the demanding nature of the sport.

These bikes are designed to have strong frames, responsive brakes and different gears suited to the uneven and changing landscape they are used in.

Our cross country mountain bikes article has more on these bikes.

Mountain biking sport is one of the most fun, free, and invigorating sports out there. Get to know this bicycle category when choosing the right mountain bike for you. It can make the difference between an enjoyable ride and just a lot of work!

29er Mountain Bikes

Bicycle Types: 29er-Mountain Bikes

The term 29er mountain bike is used to the variety of bikes fitted with 29” wheels. These are a new trend as older bikes are 26ers. You can find more information on these bikes from our articles on mountain bikes and cross country mountain bikes as well.

Cross Countery Mountain Bikes

Bicycle Types: Cross Country Mountain Bikes

These bikes are designed to handle rough uphill and downhill riding on all terrains. The main features of these bikes is the suspension (used to ensure the wheels maintain contact with the ground) and strong light frames for easier and faster riding.

Some have a lockable rear suspension for better uphill riding.

Hybrid Bicycles

Bicycle Types: Hybrid bicycles

These bikes combine the qualities and design of both mountain bikes and road bikes. Their versatile nature to perform best on both asphalt and dirt road surfaces makes them a great option for people who only want or can afford one bike for all their cycling needs.

Hybrid bicycles are suited for use as commuter bikes or for leisure cycling.

Downhill Mountain Bike

Bicycle Types: Downhill Mountain Bike

Downhill riding is a high speed extreme sport that exposes the rider to high risk. It is important that the rider has the right cycling equipment and bicycle.

Your chosen bike should have high quality reliable bicycle parts; safety armor is also necessary for the most exhilarating bike ride of your life.

City Bicycle

Bicycle Types: City bicycles

Are you tired of sitting in traffic only to get to your destination then start looking for a parking spot? City and commuter bikes will help you kip fit, get to work on time and save gas money.

Freeride Mountain Bikes

Bicycle Types: Freeride bicycles

Free riding is an extreme sport that involves dropping off manmade structures and riding as fast as possible to the next drop.

Most free riding bikes feature larger than average tires to help absorb the shock from the drop. You can find more resources on these bikes here.

BMX Bicycles

Bicycle Types: BMX bicycles

These bikes are among the most capable bikes available today. Having gone through years in various applications and changes the bikes sport a rugged and strong demeanor.

They can be used in BMX mountain biking as well as some fun and interesting BMX games as described here.

Folding Bikes

Bicycle Types: Folding bikes

Commuting on your bike to wherever you are going does not have to include thinking about where to store or park your bike. You can just buy a folding bike and forget about a bike storage rack. These bikes can be folded for carrying and storage purposes.

Electric Assisted Powered Bicycle

Bicycle Types: Electric assisted bicycle

Electric assisted bikes are the way of the future. The bikes come with a battery that is able to power the propulsion system, keep the bicycle moving, and give the rider some time to rest.

These bikes are great for people who love commuting using their bicycles as they will help you get to work with minimal effort.

Tandem Bikes

Bicycle Types: Tandem bicycles

These are among the best bikes on which to enjoy cycling. Tandem bikes are built for multiple riders. You will enjoy riding this interesting bike with your partner and have great fun as well.

Cruisers Bicycles

Bicycle Types: Cruisers bicycles

These are distinct bicycles that normally come with thick tires, a hard frame and in most cases have a single gear. However there are some varieties which are fitted with a multi gears.

They are mainly suited for leisurely riding at the beach.

Best Touring Bicycle

Bicycle Types: Touring bicycles

Unlike the bikes that we used during our Rhine River tour and our bicycle trip in Japan, to truly experience the world, it is recomended to ride an a real touring bike.

You can use our article on bicycle touring tips and bicycle touring preparation when looking for the best bike for your tour.

Special Bicycles

Bicycle Types: Special bicycles

This group of bikes is made up of some classics including the popular three wheeled bicycle, the four wheel bicycle and the amazing wooden bicycle. You can learn more about them here.

Chainless Bicycle

Bicycle Types: Chainless bicycles

Just as the name suggests, this bicycle does not have a chain to drive the back wheel like in normal bikes. It relies on a driveshaft that transfers motion from the pedals to the back wheel just like in cars.

These bicycles tend to be cleaner and more appealing as compared to regular bikes.

Single Speed Bicycles

Bicycle Types: Single Speed bicycles

Even though most people will say they last saw a single speed/fixed gear bicycle when they were young, it is important to note that they still exist and are quite popular. Their simplistic nature has kept them popular over the years.

Triathlon Bicycle

Bicycle Types: Triathlon bicycles

These bikes are very different compared to regular road racing bikes. Specifically designed for use in triathlons, these bikes have an aerodynamic design and slanting seat to help the rider get higher speeds with less effort to help the through the other activities in the triathlon.

To learn more about these bikes read here.

Children Bicycles

Bicycle Types: Children bicycles

Picking out the best bike for your kid may not as simple as it seems. Make sure you select a bike that can survive some rough handling and different terrain. A colorful bike is preferable both to please the child and keep them visible to road users as well.

Bicycle With Training Wheels

Bicycle Types: Bicycle With Training Wheels

Learning how to ride a bicycle can be intimidating and scary for a child. A bicycle with training wheels is a great way to help them build up their ability to balance the bike and learn how to cycle faster.

Training wheels can either be bought with the bicycle or as an addition later on.

Womens Bicycle

Bicycle Types: Women's bicycles

Women are very different from men from a physically perspective; this means that they normally get uncomfortable riding bicycles meant for men.

Since women cycling was more popular in the past, there is a wide variety of bikes dedicated to serve their special needs and make cycling fun and interesting at all times.

More Bicycle Types

Beach Cruiser Bikes – They are known for having a distinct design featuring thick tires and a straight forward design. Their build is optimized to resist the effects of sand and salt normally encountered in the beach.

Cool Bicycles – A bike is judged to be cool depending on its distinct features differentiating it from regular bikes. Read our detailed article on cool bicycles to get a better understanding.

Automatic Bicycle – Just like in cars, these bikes come with an automatically shifting transmission system for a smoother and easier ride. Read our whole article dedicated to this category of bikes.

Recumbent Bicycles – Coming in three and two wheel variety, these bicycles normally come with laid back seats in a reclined position.

Retro Bicycles – These bicycles are normally those with classic designs which offer the most stylish and appealing look. They can have advanced feature or come with a simplicity that is now gone.

Three Wheel Bicycle – These are common with both adults and children. They offer convenience in various applications today.

Best Touring Bicycle – Get to conquer international terrain such as the Rhine River Tour with highly capable bikes carrying all your vital supplies.

Urban Bicycles – These are bicycles mainly designed to help city dwellers get around the city using an emission free and highly convenient mode of transportation. They tend to be very affordable and compact in size.

Tip: Different Bicycle Types For Different Cycling Styles

Bicycle Types

With the available variety on bicycles as indicated by this list, it is important to remember that most cycling enthusiasts rarely want to buy more than one bike.

Different cycling applications such as touring, road racing or mountain biking, have various bike needs. For those interested in all these cycling activities it is best to consider a tradeoff.

Different bicycle types have varying levels of versatility. Cyclers can use a given bicycle type to engage in more than one cycling activity. For instance Hybrid bicycles are built to be versatile handling both asphalt and dirt surfaces with utmost capability.

Where to Buy Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying all bicycle types you can buy them in one of these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Types
Bicycle Types
Bicycle Types

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