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Automatic Bicycle
Automatic Bicycle

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An automatic bicycle is simply a bicycle that have an automatic transmission. The term automatic should not at any time be thought to refer to electric powered bicycles or any other motorized bicycle for that matter.

The bike simply shifts the gears for the rider for convenient and easy riding. These bicycles use an automatic mechanism to detect the rider’s speed and then adjust the gears accordingly. As such, they eliminate the inconvenience of focusing on when it is best to switch gears when cycling and help you to just enjoy the ride. These bikes are suited to recreational riding and are not designed to handle the high performance needs of the mountain biking sport or road racing.

How do Automatic Bicycles Work?

Automatic bicycles rely on an advanced technology to monitor bike speed, and then subsequently adjust the gears to achieve and maintain the optimum speed. A gauge is used to monitor the front wheel’s revolutions during riding. This information is then sent to a computer chip attached to the bike frame.

Did you know…

Automatic Bicycle

Technology has totally changed cycling.

Shimano, one of the top bike manufacturers have launched a bike that uses a smartphone app to monitor the bike’s riding speed and then send Bluetooth signals to the automatic transmission which in turn shifts gears to maintain this speed.

The chip processes this information and comes up with the optimal riding speed. The output is used to automatically shift gears at the rear wheel hub.

Note that the sensors work continuously all through the ride so as to keep changing the gear combinations to maintain riding speed. This is according to the rider’s preferences and changes in the terrain.

Automatic bikes usually support a manual override that allows the rider to change gears when they want to, instead of waiting for the computer to shift. The rider can even choose their preferred speed range manually using the manual controls. Once this is done the bike will constantly shift gears to maintain it. Automatic bikes allow for the elimination of any complexities in cycling allowing the rider to ride care free.

Why Automatic Bikes Were Made?

With cycling loosing popularity close to the turn of the millennium, bicycle manufacturers began looking into the causes. Findings in surveys made by Shimano indicated that respondents in the US thought cycling had become too elitists.

The automatic bicycle is supposed to bring the fun back to cycling. The intention was to create a bike that allowed simple, fun and carefree riding.

Should You Buy an Automatic Bicycle?

Leisurely riding your bike is a great way to enjoy cycling and the outdoors. Extreme biking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some riders just want to get back to enjoying cycling without having to constantly think about when to shift up or down. Automatic bikes normally ride smooth due to the perfect shifting. Peddling is much easier and you get to relax and have fun while riding. For instance the bicycle below is a great automatic tandem bicycle. Although it uses a relatively different gear shifting mechanism, it uses the rear wheel’s speed to determine the best gear and then shifts automatically. You and your partner can enjoy the ride without having to think about when it’s best to shift gears.

Take a look at this automatic bicycle:

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