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The Best Folding Bike
The Best Folding Bike

Find the best folding bike Online

When it comes to cycling, then the folding bicycle has to be among the most thoughtful inventions out there. This bike allows you to own a bicycle and enjoy the benefits that come with cycling eliminating the need for any dedicated bike storage space. All you need to do to nicely store your bike is to fold it up and place it in a closet.

As commuting by bicycle becomes more and more popular, the folding bicycle is proving to be of great importance as commuters no longer need to bear with a large two wheeler especially when getting onto trains and buses. Some folding bikes come with fitting storage bags to help you conveniently carry them into any vehicle. When looking to buy folding bicycles for daily commuting make sure that you check with the local transportation guidelines on carrying your bike into public transportation vehicles.

The Best Folding Bike Brands

Below I have compiled a list of some of the best folding bike brands in the market today. You can also check here for a detailed list of folding and regular bicycle manufacturers.

How to Identify the Best Folding Bike For You?

When shopping for a folding bike the variety is endless. These bikes range from commuter bikes to laid back beach cruisers. To identify the best fit for you, take your time and consider what you will be using it for.

Commuters using more than one mode of transport during their trips will need a smaller bike that can be easily carried onto public transport vehicles.

It is important to note that even though they can be folded into a carryon bag, these bikes are normally heavy and as they still need to be strong and durable. Their main advantage is that they can be stored easily even in apartment buildings where bike storage space isn’t available.

Folding bikes referred to as mid-fold usually fold in half. They have clamps to enable easy collapsing and set up. Large wheels are mainly used for bikes that are intended to cover more ground for every tire revolution.

Another type of folding bike is the triangle folding bike. The rear part of the bike normally folds forward under the main frame tube. The front fork can either be designed to fold as well, or allow for the collapsing of the steering column. All this is made easier and convenient by release latches. Although Break away bikes are not fully classified as folding bikes, they can be easily disassembled and reassembled for easy storage. Due to the ability to be disassembled, they can be compactly packed smaller travelling bags.

Where to Buy the Best Folding Bike?

With the available variety of folding bikes out there, you can be sure to find the best folding bike for you.

Did you know…?

The Best Folding Bike

Did you know that folding bicycles are great for urban commuting?

There is a wide variety of urban bicycles in the market today. Folding bicycles suited to urban commuting include electric assisted bicycles. These are great for getting you around the city without breaking a sweat.

Take your time and research the available variety to ensure you get the most value out of your money.

Conducting some research to identify the best folding bike suited to your specific needs is vital. Make sure you have an idea of its folded size and hence the size of bag or bicycle shipping box necessary.

Since these bikes are designed to be compact when folded most will have small tires, make sure that you get one with your preferred tire size. It is also necessary for you to clearly understand how the bike folds including the seat and handle bars for easy operation when folding and reassembly.

Can I buy The Best Foldable Bikes Online?

Yes you can! The internet is the largest resource when it comes to buying anything including folding bikes. You can find all varieties including new or used folding bikes online.

The Best Folding Bike
The Best Folding Bike

Buying The Best Folding Bike on eBay

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