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The Best Touring Bicycle
The Best Touring Bicycle

Selected commuter and touring bicycles Online

Cycling is the best way to experience the outdoors while at the same time getting some healthy exercise. What better way can you get to achieve these two objectives if not through going for bicycle tours. However for this you will need a worthy touring bike. You can either choose a cross country mountain bike, since it has all the characteristics of touring bikes or a dedicated touring bike depending on your preferences. Let’s look at some of the important things you should look out for when shopping for a touring bike.

Selected Quality Touring Bikes

Koga-Miyata Traveller – Water bottles, a kick stand, a pump, fenders, racks, and front and rear lights are exactly what you want on a touring bike. This touring bike also comes with 26” wheels since they are easy to find no matter where you are in the world.

Cannondale T800 – This is a highly respected touring bike. It is fast, comfortable, responsive and durable. With an aluminum frame and gel handlebars, it is definitely built to perform at the highest level. You’ll definitely have a fun time out riding on this bike.

Fuji Tour – An unsung hero in touring bikes; this model is one to keep in mind. It is made of Cro-Moly steel making it strong and durable. The stretched out design means that you will not be constantly hitting your panniers while peddling. This specific bicycle is relatively affordable and suited to touring with numerous mounts for storage space.

How to Optimize your Touring Bike

Touring is serious business, and if you are going to last the whole ride then it is best to have the right equipment on your bike.

Saddles for Touring Bicycles

The Best Touring Bicycle Saddle
The Best Touring Bicycle Saddle
Brooks Saddles for Men
Brooks Saddles For Women

Since you will be spending a large part of the trip sitting on your bike’s saddle, make sure it is of the highest quality and design. Take a look at the selection of Brooks saddles available. Brooks make the best bike saddles; you are bound to find a great seat from them. Since men and women differ from a physical point of view, it is important to buy a woman’s saddle for a bike to be used by a female cyclist for the best comfort and ride quality.

Choosing the right Frame for the Best Touring Bicycle

When touring you will be exposing your bike to various conditions not regarded as normal. For the bike to bear through this, it has to be rust proof, have a strong frame to bear the load of supplies and your weight. Most importantly, a touting bicycle should bear the best design for comfortable riding. A longer wheel base and lower center of gravity will help you cover more ground in a stable manner.

Storage for all your Cycling Equipment

Since touring involves taking routes that are not commonly travelled, you will need to bring a lot of supplies with you. Some of the great storage solutions include:

  • Bicycle panniers – These are great for carrying items that are too heavy for the backpack but don’t require a trailer. Panniers are usually attached to the sides of the wheels by hooks or straps on the rack.

  • Tip: Consider renting a touring bike

    Best Touring Bicycle

    Renting a touring bike from your tour operator is recommended for those looking to go on a solitary tour. However if you will be taking part in bicycle tours often then a touring bike is a worthy investment.

    By owning your own touring bike you can optimize it to fit your preferences and riding style. You are bound to keep your bike well maintained, something you cannot say in all certainty for rental bikes.

  • Bicycle rear rack – These are primarily used to hold the saddlebags and panniers.
  • Bicycle saddle bags – Normally fixed under the seat they can hold anything from a bicycle repair kit to bicycle inner tubes.
  • Bicycle handlebar bags – These are usually attached on to the handlebars for easy and fast access while riding.
  • Bicycle trailers – These are bike frames normally attached to the bike via a bike trailer hitch. The can be sued to carry kids or heavy loads.
  • Cycling backpack – Shop for a cycling backpack which can fit all the necessary supplies; it should be waterproof to protect the contents from the rain.

Preparing Your Bike for the Tour

Now that you have decided on the best touring bike for you, it is time to get it ready for the task at hand.

Equipping your bike with a host of cycling equipment to handle any eventualities will go a long way in avoiding being stuck in the middle of nowhere in need of assistance. First you need to equip your cross country mountain bike (if you chose one) with the most suitable bicycle panniers.

Judging from the amount of equipment you will be carrying you need to ensure they are of the right size and uniform in size to avoid any imbalance. Make sure that they make packing and unpacking easy and convenient. Punctures are a common occurrence when biking through trails. Make sure that you have a bike repair kit. The kit should be checked for all the necessary repair equipment. Remember that you need to know how to use the equipment to fix a puncture as it is useless without the knowledge and skills.

Get everything together. All your supplies should be checked and counter checked while unnecessary items should be left out of the load. Leaving any necessities will make your trip very stressful. Food supplies and water should be thoroughly checked. It is recommended that you take your fully loaded bike around the neighborhood to get a feel of the weight. Taking a bike tour is very demanding. You need to be physically and mentally ready for the trip to enjoy any bit of it. It is best to begin with some short trips to build up momentum to an extended trip. For more advice on bicycle touring preparation look here.

Buying The Best Touring Bicycle Online

It is necessary to ensure that you get the best touring bicycle for your bicycle trip. I would recommend buying touring bikes on these great online stores:

The Best Touring Bicycle
The Best Touring Bicycle
The Best Touring Bicycle

Find the Best Touring Bicycle on eBay.com

Best Touring Bicycle
Best Touring Bicycle

Books About Bicycle Touring

More information about bicycle touring can be found on several informative books. Take a look:

The Best Touring Bicycle
The Best Touring Bicycle
The Best Touring Bicycle

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