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BMX Bicycles
BMX Bicycles
BMX Bicycles

Selected BMX bicycles Online

About forty years ago, one of the most rugged bicycles ever made hit the cycling world. The BMX was simple and straight to the point. Built strong and tough, it is designed to be as sturdy as they come. And true to that, it enjoyed a lot of popularity culminating in its use in various movies; remember the Kuwahara BMX bikes used by the kids in the movie ET?

After the introduction of hybrid bikes in the 90s, it was thought that the demand for these cycling monsters would come to an end. However this wasn’t the case.

It is important to note that the BMX was never built to be subtle; the fact that it takes bumps, scrapes and regular knocks all in one stride is testament of this. In fact since BMX Mountain biking is not about comfort but getting through the roughest and toughest terrain; expect a BMX mountain bike to be strong, light and fast.

Design of BMX Bicycles

BMX Bicycles

If you are considering buying a BMX bike, make sure that it is suitable to the intended use. The frame and seat on BMX bikes are normally optimized for easy and quick lifting off the seat to perform stunts and make jumps. Riding a BMX bike for an extended period while sitting will probably be torturously uncomfortable. Hybrid bicycles are better suited for riders intending to ride for long stretches seated.

Did you know…?

BMX Bicycles

Did you know that BMX is a recognized sport?

In the 2008 Summer Olympics Games held in China, BMXing was recognized as a sport. There was a men’s and women’s event included in the schedule of the games. This is a massive boost to one of the greatest hard riding bicycles out there.

Top BMX Bike Manufacturers


This is one of the original BMX manufacturers. With over forty years in the field, they have come a long way evolving with the times and providing BMX bikes suited to the changing times and customer demands. Their wide offering and proven quality make them a force to reckon with. Check out a great Redline BMX bike here.


GT pride themselves of building bikes which are always at the top of BMX hard riding and stunts. Their wide offering in this area includes racing, dirt, street and utility bikes. This is testament of their dedication and guarantees to offer customers the best fit depending on their preference and intended application. Established forty years ago, they have the necessary experience and pedigree in the industry.

We The People

One of the internationally recognized BMX bike makers, We the People is based in Germany. They are involved in manufacturing everything BMX, including parts and complete bikes. They are known for their high quality designs and affordability. Their top of the range Bike, Envy is around $1,500.

Fit Bike Co.

Established at the turn of the millennium, Fit Bike is another exceptional brand that takes BMX bikes very seriously. They manufacture parts, components and complete bikes. They even have a dedicated clothing line! They have a wide offering to fit different riding styles and conditions.

Where to Buy BMX Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying BMX bicycles you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

BMX Bicycles
BMX Bicycles

Buying BMX Bicycles on eBay

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