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Chainless Bicycle
Chainless Bicycle

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Chainless bicycles were first introduced over a century ago but chain mechanisms were preferred due to the ability to support multi bicycle gears. However with technological advances allowing multi gears to be fitted on shaft driven mechanisms, they are making a comeback. The main benefit offered by shaft driven bicycles is that you no longer have to deal with slipped chains and oily fingers.

What is a Chainless/Shaft Driven Bicycle?

chainless bicycle

Note that while the term chainless bicycle is used to refer to any bicycle that uses any other mechanism other than a chain to transfer movement from the pedals to the rear wheel, shaft driven bicycles normally refers to bicycles that rely on a shaft to transfer movement from the pedals to the rear wheel.

The shaft driven bicycle is far much cleaner and reliable as compared to normal chain driven bicycles. However these bicycles can be damaged by impact or debris getting lodged inside the mechanism.

Pros and Cons of Dynamic Bicycles


  • Cleaner
  • Lower maintenance
  • Safer
  • Space-saving
  • Better life expectancy


  • Less choice available
  • Harder to repair by yourself
  • More expensive
  • Around 10% less efficient

Why Should You Get a Chainless Bicycle?

Did you know…?

Chainless Bicycle

Did you know that shaft driven bicycles are constantly being improved.

Initially you could only access shaft driven bicycles with a limited number of bicycle gears, the most common three speed. However as more research and development is done these gears have increased.

Today you can easily find 14 speed shaft driven bicycles.

Shaft driven bikes normally have better reliability and durability compared to their chain driven counterparts.

As most cyclists will know, the chain is the most troublesome part of a bicycle. With a chainless shaft driven bicycle you can be sure that you will not have any issues with oily clothes every time you brush against the drive shaft.

Chain driven bicycles have a tendency to always chew up loose clothes, hair and other loose materials they come into contact with. However this is not the case with shaft driven bikes. Since the shaft is carefully concealed, it is protected from rust and any other weathering effects of the elements.

Can I add a Shaft Drive to My Chain Driven Bicycle?

While it is easy to change your bicycle from multi speed to single speed bicycle gears, it is much more complicated to change a chain bicycle to a shaft drive bicycle. Shaft driven bicycles normally have specially designed frames.

Buying a Chainless Bicycle on eBay

Although shaft drive bicycle are normally priced above their chain driven counterparts, you can buy a hybrid shaft driven bike for around $400. Take a look at these chainless (also called “”shaft driven”” or “direct driven”) bicycles:

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