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Children Bicycles
Children Bicycles
Children Bicycles

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Finding the right bike for your child is often a complicated decision considering the distinct needs that children have. In most cases children will be attracted to bicycles due to their appearance and not the features, however as a parent you will have to make some vital considerations so as to get value for your money as well as ensure safe riding for your child. In this case you not only have to look for a bicycle that satisfies the aesthetic preferences of your child; it may not be important to focus on bicycle gears when shopping for a children bicycle but safety features such as bicycles brakes have to be considered.

Children Bicycle Buying Guide

When you decide to go out and buy your child a new bike be sure to avoid some common pitfalls that most people forget. For instance most parents may want to buy a bigger bike so that their child can grow into it and get extended use from it. This is however not the way to go. If you are concerned about saving money, look to selling the bike as soon as your child grows out of it.

Buying a bike that is bigger than your child means that they will have problems riding i.e. reaching the pedals and ground when seated. This is highly dangerous. Generally children should be matched to bikes as follows:

  • Pre-school kids should have below 16” Wheels
  • From 4-6 years are suited to 16” wheels
  • From 6-10 years are suited to 20” wheels
  • From 10-13 years are suited to 24” wheels
  • Over 13 years can get smaller adult bikes.


Make sure that you remember to consider the weight of your child as it affects their ability to control the bike during riding.


The bicycle crank should be ten to twenty percent of the internal leg length of your child.

Brakes and Wheels

Children Bicycles

Since children bicycles are normally small in size, they normally have small wheels; the above guide however is more detailed and offers more information based on average child sizes. You can use this guide to decide on the right size for your child. Remember that even though bigger wheels will help your little one get the bike over obstacles. They will also be heavier and harder to control as well.

Other Factors

Other factors to consider include the suspension system. If you are looking to buy a bike with suspension, bicycle forks are normally lighter and easily adjustable.

Tip: Safety is essential for kids to have fun while cycling

Children Bicycles

Some parents downplay the need for a bicycle helmet for children while riding. Make sure that your child always wears their helmet during cycling even around the neighborhood.

Only use a bicycle helmet as opposed to other helmets and hard hats to minimize the risk of head injuries during riding.

Buying Children Bicycles Online

It is necessary to ensure that you get the best bike for your child for the best safety and fun during riding. I would recommend buying boys bicycles and girls bicycles on these great online stores:

Children Bicycles
Children Bicycles

Buying a Children Bicycle on eBay

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