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Cross Country Mountain Bikes
Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Selected Cross Country Mountain Bikes Online

Cross Country Mountain biking is one of the most demanding cycling activities with distinct requirements as demonstrated below. The variety of bicycles available today is specifically designed for use in different riding applications. Each bicycle is suited to a given cycling style and terrain. This is also the case for cross country mountain bicycles.

What Is Cross Country Mountain Biking?

Cross Country Mountain biking is a cycling discipline mainly characterized by rough and testing terrain. Cyclists navigated through stiff ascents, bumpy and rocky terrain as well as heavily forested trails. This type of riding requires tough and strong bicycles which are generally light. This will help the rider make it through climbs and descents in the fastest time and ride for extended periods without getting overly tired.

Characteristics of Cross country Mountain Bikes

A mountain bike that is ideal for this type of riding will have a number of key features:

  • All cross country mountain bikes should be light. Those with dual suspension are normally configured to minimize the movement on the rear shock and keep the tire grounded most of the time.
  • Hard-tail Mountain bikes are normally suited for uphill riding to keep the tire grounded all through, whereas the use of rear suspension will increase the versatility of the bike on varying terrain.
  • To make rear suspension mountain bike shocks adapt to uphill riding, most bikes use lockable mechanisms.
  • Cross country bikes do not need to jump as much us free ride or downhill bicycles, this means they only need half as much suspension in comparison.
  • The suspension is just right to keep the tires in contact with the ground but light enough to avoid reducing the speed of the bikes.
  • You will notice that the frame of cross country mountain bikes differs from that on downhill mountain bikes. The rider’s position is slightly forward for more efficient uphill cycling as well as achieving a better aerodynamic shape for higher speeds.

Is There Any Terrain They Can’t Handle?

The sturdy frames, light build and aerodynamic shape of cross country mountain bikes makes them great for a range of uses including bicycle tours and conducting some stunts. These bikes are however not suited to extreme biking. Their advanced riding position can be dangerous in making high speed descents safely, while the suspension is not recommended for big jumps and high drops.

Tip: Optimize your bike for Cross-Country Riding

Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Cross country riding is characterized by rough terrain and tough inclines. Optimizing your bicycle is great to enhance your comfort and control.

A wider handlebar offers better control especially given that your front wheel will be tossed around from side to side by rocks and obstacles. Wide handlebars help you maintain control and eliminate the twitchy nature of narrow bicycle handlebars.

Can I buy A Cross Country Mountain Bike Online?

Cross Country Mountain bikes are available from major online retailers for riders looking for a new challenge.

Cross Country Mountain Bikes
Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Buying Cross Country Mountain Bikes on eBay

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