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Cruisers Bicycles
Cruisers Bicycles
Cruisers Bicycles

Selected cruisers bicycles Online

Cycling is not just about intense biking in racing competitions or touring through demanding terrain, it can be a relaxing ride around the neighborhood or beach front; taking in the sights while also enjoying the breeze. This is exactly what cruisers bicycles, often referred to as beach cruisers are designed for. They bear a straight forward design and are among the most affordable of all bicycle varieties.

Basic Facts about Cruisers Bicycles

  • Cruisers bikes were initially developed for use in taking leisurely rides along the beach.
  • Their high strength frames are usually durable but still maintain an aspect of affordability.
  • Their seat and steering are both distinctly positioned to enable the rider take long and comfortable rides while seated.
  • These bikes have distinct curved handlebars for leisurely riding but straight ones are available for faster cycling.
  • Popularly known for their balloon tires, steel frames and single gears, manufacturers have been looking to add more features to improve these bikes. Today you can find cruisers with multi gears and new wheel and handlebar designs tailored according to the intended application.
  • There are numerous styles now available meaning buyers can now choose the best cruiser bikes based on their tastes and preferences.

Tip: Cruisers bicycles are known for riding smooth

Cruisers Bicycles

The balloon tires and spring supported cushioned seats offer great comfort and a smooth ride on cruiser bikes.

It is however important to note that leaving your bike outside in the hot humid weather around most coastal areas will lead to rusting. Exposed parts such as the bicycle chains will develop rust and make riding difficult.

Suggested Cruisers Bicycles

With the cruisers bicycle now trending, different manufacturers have created a variety of appealing and comfortable designs. Since they are known to be affordable, even elite designs can be had for a pocket friendly sum.

Pacific Shorewood Women’s Cruiser Bike

Cruisers Bicycles

This bike is designed with easy to reach handlebars connected to a tall stem to support the most comfortable riding position. The wide seat rests on springs for smooth riding. Standout features include the hand operated brakes and 7 speed multi gears.

Airwalk Cardiff Cruiser Bicycle

Cruisers Bicycles

This is a classic men’s cruisers bicycle. It comes with coaster brake, cruiser grips, a firm steel frame and rims. The wide saddle rests on springs to ensure that minor bums and shocks can be absorbed keeping your ride smooth and comfortable.

Fashionista Custom Deluxe Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Cruisers Bicycles

Specifically built for cruising, this great bike comes with cruiser grips made of leather stitching and a comfy extra padded Cruiser seat. It also comes with a coaster brake feature.

The handmade basket is great for carrying your wares as you shop during your cruise.

Where to Buy Cruisers Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying cruisers bicycles you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Cruisers Bicycles
Cruisers Bicycles

Buying Cruisers Bicycles on eBay

A Final Word on Cruisers Bicycles

Since they are affordable, going for the higher priced models is guaranteed to get you a better design, build and extras. Since cruisers bicycles are designed for leisurely rides on flat surfaces and sandy beaches, it would be uncalled for to expect high performance levels when it comes to commuting applications.

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