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Downhill Mountain Bikes
Downhill Mountain Bikes

Selected Downhill Mountain Bikes on Competitive Cyclist.com

One of the extreme cycling sports, downhill mountain biking is a totally exhilarating sport that will keep your heart racing from the minute you get on your bike to the finish line.

To get your foot into this pulse racing cycling activity you will need quality cycling equipment specifically designed for this, as well as a collection of safety gear and of course courage by the truck load! Getting the right bike for downhill racing will set you back a handsome amount. New bicycles start about $2500, while used bicycles will be cheaper at around $1000. Great negotiation skills could help you shave off part of this steep cost.

Due to the demanding terrain that downhill racing is usually conducted, these bikes normally feature dual/full suspension capabilities. This is intended to make them strong enough to tackle the rough terrain without even breaking a sweat.

What to Look Out For In Good Downhill Mountain Bikes

Unlike in other cycling applications, you cannot risk brakes or derailleur malfunction in the middle of a high speed descent. The result can be catastrophic.

Tip: Full Suspension bikes are best Suited for downhill racing

Downhill Mountain Bikes

A full suspension bicycle will help you have a comfortable ride downhill at speed. It is however important to remember that the added weight is going to eat into your efficiency by adding weight to the bike.

The travel on the suspension should not exceed four inches for the lightest weight as well as to avoid loss of power during peddling.

Your downhill bike simply has to be in the best condition and fitted with quality maintained parts. In this case, looking to cut costs should not be your main concern.

Since downhill racing bicycles tend to have heavy duty parts they are usually weightier as compared to normal bikes. At around 40 pounds they have wider gripping tires, full suspension for shock absorption featuring front and back wheel suspension, characteristically fewer gears than most mountain bikes and disk brakes.

Bicycle frames for downhill racing bikes are normally made of strong materials including steel, titanium and aluminum. It may seem like a sure thing, but bicycle pedals in this case have to be checked for their gripping capabilities. Throughout the ride you will find that sitting down on the saddle is not possible as you will be constantly shifting around to maintain balance. Any slippage from the pedals can result in serious injuries.

Downhill Mountain Bikes Conclusion

Due to the high cost of downhill mountain bikes, many people opt for used bikes which are cheaper. When buying a used bike thoroughly inspect and test it out to make sure it is in great condition.

These bikes are ridden in the roughest of terrains and can sustain serious damage rendering them unsafe for use. Although brake pads and chains can be replaced cheaply, frames, the bicycle crank, as well as gear and derailleur systems normally cost a lot more. If the damage found can be fixed, negotiate for a lower price so that you have money left over to make the repairs.

Getting the best bike for this sport cannot be further emphasized. No one wants to walk their broken 40 pound bicycle down the hill while the other cyclists are coasting by having the time of their life.

Downhill Mountain Bike Manufacturers

Here is a list of our recommended downhill mountain bike manufacturers:

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Buying Downhill Mountain Bikes Online

If you are interested in buying downhill mountain bikes you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Downhill Mountain Bikes
Downhill Mountain Bikes

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