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Freeride Mountain Bikes
Freeride Mountain Bikes

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As a biking enthusiast myself, I have to admit that even though I do not see myself racing and dropping off high structures, I am intrigued. This interest led to more digging and this is what I have for you.

A Word About Free Ride Biking

Free ride mountain biking involves taking a dive from a man-made structure that goes up to 40 feet high and then racing as fast as possible to the next drop off point. All this should be done as fast as possible and with stylistic finesse in order to get the highest pints.

The above must be the purest description of an extreme sport.

An Introduction to Free ride Mountain Bikes

From the description above you can see that this is a highly demanding sport that requires some modifications to the bikes used.

Did you know…

Freeride Mountain Bikes

Did you know that most freeriding cyclists favor single crown bicycle forks?

These forks are great for performing a variety of stuns as the turning is not encumbered. They are also lighter for faster cycling.

Free ride mountain bikes are not mountain bikes or even downhill mountain bikes they are customized for the demands of this new sport.

It is important to note that even though this sport is relatively new, it has gained a lot of popularity from extreme sports fans, biking enthusiasts and bicycle manufacturers aiming to supply the best free ride mountain bikes to the growing market.

Free Riding vs. Free Running

When you compare free riding and free running you will notice they are both based on the same concept. The main idea for both is to get to the finish line via the shortest route possible while conducting great stunts.

With this in mind, it is possible to see that a free ride mountain bike simply begun as a downhill bike; simply designed to get the rider downhill as fast as possible while withstanding the rigorous jumps.

However as modifications were continuously added to downhill bikes in order to adjust to free riding, it became a totally new bike. Free riding now includes even more hurdles meant to help the rider do more stunts even on flat ground.

Is There any Relation with Skateboarding?

Free ride Mountain biking, just like skateboarding is all about customizing the bike for maneuverability and performing stunts. Skateboarding also involves doing tricks while on the ground as well as in the air for greater effect.

When you look at a free riding mountain bike you will notice some distinct characteristics. The maneuverability required calls for a smaller, lighter bike. To achieve this they are made with smaller aluminum frames and less suspension. The shorter wheel base also helps in maneuvering tight race sections as it offers better stability at low speeds. To conduct various stunts such as the tail whips and bar spins, single crown forks are used.

Even though freeride mountain bikes are offered ready made by numerous manufacturers it is upon the cyclist to decide how they want to customize their bike depending on thie cycling style.

Buying a Freeride Mountain Bike online

If you are looking for an online seller of freeride mountain bikes then eBay is the best place to shop.

Where to Buy Freeride Mountain Bikes?

If you are interested in buying freeride mountain bikes you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Freeride Mountain Bikes
Freeride Mountain Bikes

Buying Freeride Mountain Bikes on eBay

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