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Hybrid Bicycles
Hybrid Bicycles

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A combination of two bicycles suited to distinct cycling styles and terrain, Hybrid bikes are a representative of the best of two worlds i.e. mountain bikes and road racing bicycles. This group of bikes also includes city, cyclo-cross and a variety of comfort bikes. These bikes can be used for leisure cycling or more determined touring. They do well on both smooth asphalt surfaces and mildly rough dirt terrain. The fact that owners can use this bike commuting by bicycle to work over the week, and then turn it into a touring or leisure cycling bike over the weekend, means that it is suited to people who enjoy cycling but do not want to buy more than one bike.

From the mountain bike, hybrid bicycles borrow the main frame, straight handle bars, disk brakes and the bicycle crank for the maximum number of gear choices. This means hybrid bicycles are sturdy, with a range of gears to handle inclines and flat surfaces as well as the quick stopping action of disc brakes. From the road racing bike, hybrids get slimmer tires and characteristically lighter wheels. These make it lighter and faster when necessary.

Why Hybrid Bicycles?

It is worth asking why it is necessary to combine two very different bikes to form a new one. The answer is simple, it makes city biking better using a mountain bike frame but free of the excess mountain bike weight.

Applications of Hybrid Bicycles

Hybrids are general purpose bicycles. They can be used in road races in the city or weekend exploration rides in the country terrain. They are great for:

  • The strong mountain bicycle frames can survive relatively bumpy terrain on gravel roads easily.
  • They can comfortably deal with potholes and inclines dotting the city.
  • And, as stated previously hybrid bicycles can be used for touring areas with mixed terrain.

Even though they are very capable, it is important to know the limits of your hybrid bike. They should not be used on very rough terrain characterized by steep inclines, sharp descents, rocky trails and loose sand.

Which is the Best Hybrid Bicycle for You?

If you are looking to purchase the best hybrid bicycle for use in cycling escapades it is best to have some background information on what you need before you go shopping. Below we will look at some tips to help you out.

Looking For Speed?

  • Focus on light bicycle frames made of aluminum or carbon.
  • Lighter tires are normally slimmer and require higher pressure.
  • Customized pedals for use with special bicycle riding shoes.
  • A chain ring or two at the pedals will suffice.
  • To support faster riding road racing handlebars and coupled with low profile bicycle handlebars column will help you attain an aerodynamic shape.

Looking For Comfort?

  • A wide gear ratio for effortless cycling in different terrain, this calls for more chain rings at the front.
  • The bicycle frame should be able to absorb shock for a smooth ride, carbon and steel bicycle frames are best.
  • For better balance and shock absorption, wider bicycle tires with lower psi.
  • An upright siting position is more comfortable. A higher stem and bicycle handlebars will be better.

Other Additions Include

Tip: Get a hybrid bicycle for versatility

Hybrid Bicycles

Since hybrid bicycles are designed to perform on rough terrain and smooth roads as well, they offer a lot of value to cyclists.

If you do not have a dedicated riding style then these bikes offer the best value for use in a range of applications including city commuting and touring.

Where to Buy Hybrid Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying hybrid bicycles you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Hybrid Bicycles for Women on eBay

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