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Types of Mountain Bicycles

If you are looking to explore forest trails and the back woods without worrying about whether your bicycle will survive the rocky and bumpy terrain, then a Mountain bike is what you need. These bikes were specifically designed to give you the advantage when you choose to charge around mountains at full speed. Their responsive brakes will make sure that you can slow down and evade any obstacles in your path. Their strong build is specifically designed to offer the best cross-country experience which cycling enthusiasts dream of; getting around trails quickly and safely.

For interested cyclists, there is a wide variety of mountain bikes available in the market. However, it is easy to get confused and buy a low quality bike that will give you problems even before you get on the trail. Mountain biking is a very demanding sport and ensuring you bike has the right bicycle brakes, bicycle pedals, a sturdy frame and the right gear system is essential.

Recommended bike manufacturers include:

Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

Hard tail mountain bikes are usually preferred due to the fact that they can be ridden uphill easily. Since they only have front suspension they tend to be lighter and easier to ride uphill.

This bicycle is especially suited to riders who do not do a lot of downhill riding. The bike you choose can have either disk brakes or rim brakes. However, I recommend the former as they are made for high performance applications. To handle riding on different terrain, look for a bike with a wide variety of gears. The gears should be changed at the handlebars for an easy and convenient reach while still maintaining control.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

If you will be doing a lot of Downhill Mountain biking then you will need a full suspension mountain bike. The suspension is great for going over obstacles, making jumps and drops. Make sure that the downhill mountain biking bicycle you choose is just the right size to avoid any problems in maneuverability and comfort.

Disk brakes, convenient access gears, and gripping handlebars and bicycle pedals are all essential features on a full suspension mountain bike. It is important to note that freeride mountain bikes, and those used in dirt jumping also fall into this category. For more bicycle buying information, read my full buying guide here.

The Perfect Blend

When looking for the best fit mountain bike then the trail bike can be your best option. It is the middle ground between dual suspensions cross country mountain bikes. Although it has a better ride it is heavier and can be tiring to ride.

Tip: Use a mountain bike to commute short distances.

Mountain Bikes

It is interesting to note that the energy required to walk is the same as the energy required to cycle at low to medium speeds.

The variety of gears on mountain bikes can help you use the lower energy levels to cover longer distances.

Where to Buy Mountain Bikes?

If you are interested in buying mountain bikes you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Mountain Bikes
Mountain Bikes

Selected Mountain Bikes on eBay.com

Final Word About Mountain Bicycles

Going on bicycle tours with friends is a lot of fun. Take the opportunity to challenge yourself riding through the back woods’ trails. However it is vital to have the best bike so as to make the trip as efficient as possible while having fun as well. Mountain biking is offers the chance for great exercise and will offer results sooner rather than later.

“One of the most important days of my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle”
Michael Palin

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