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Recumbent Bicycles
Recumbent Bicycles

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Featuring a reclined seating position which means the cycling mechanism also shifts to an unorthodox position. Apart from having two or three wheels, they are also known for other distinct features including over or under seat steering, front or rear wheel drive, hands or no hands steering with short or long wheel bases. The variety also includes those optimized for on or off road conditions; hand cycles and tandem designs as well.


There are several advantages of using a recumbent bicycle, including:

  • Comfort – Recumbent bicycles are the most comfortable bicycles available. The reclined riding position is great in distributing the rider’s weight over a larger surface area. Riders do not have to stretch and strain their muscles and backs to reach the handlebars as well. This comfort means that the bikes can be ridden for extended periods. They are therefore great for touring applications.

  • Did you know…?

    Recumbent Bicycles

    Did you know that gears on a Recumbent will get you uphill easily?

    The reclined seating position on a recumbent bicycle means that you will not be able to stand up and cycle uphill by use of your body weight. This means it is best to get a recumbent with multi-gears to avoid over exerting yourself when riding up inclines.

  • Safety – When it comes to safety then recumbent bicycles have an edge over their regular counterparts. The fact that they are close to the ground means that the rider will not sustain major injuries if they were to fall off.

    The risk of the rider being propelled head first over the handlebars is also minimal considering the reclined seating position. Balancing, especially for three wheelers is not an issue either.

  • Speed – The reclined seating position combined with the low nature of the bikes means that they have and aerodynamic design which makes them faster over inclines and slopes as well as compared to regular bikes.
  • Ease of Use – These bikes tend to be easier to use when compared to regular bicycles. The three wheeled version especially is great for children, adults and even older people due to the self-balancing capability and comfortable seating. These bikes can also be used by disabled persons with ease.


The disadvantages of a recumbent bicycle include:

  • Balance – Balancing on a recumbent bike, especially the two wheeled version can be tricky given the awkward seating position. Sharp turns also present problems for riders.
  • Initial Start – The reclined seating position means that using your feet to kick out in the initial start is not possible and hence makes starting tricky.
  • Hilly Rides – Since the reclined seating position is the main characteristic of the recumbent bicycle it also creates some problems. When riding up an incline riders will have to work harder as they cannot stand up and use their body weight to pedal through like on normal bikes.
  • Visibility – Recumbent bikes are lower and hence difficult for other road users to spot. Their wider turning circle also means that road use can be risk at times.
  • Pricing – If you have a fixed budget then it is worth pointing out that these bicycles are usually more expensive as compared to regular bikes. The price difference can be anything from 10 to 20% higher.

Where to Buy Recumbent Bicycles?

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Recumbent Bicycles
Recumbent Bicycles
Recumbent Bicycles


Recumbent bicycles offer a fresh departure from regular bicycles. They are more comfortable and fun when compared to regular bicycles. However they tend to be more limited and specialized. Make sure that you take time to consider your options before choosing to buy one.

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