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Retro Bicycles
Retro Bicycles

Selected Retro Bicycles Online

The term retro bicycles can be used to refer to any bicycle bearing the latest features for better performance and handling, or conversely a bicycle in its purest/simplest form without many advanced additions. When looking at retro bikes, in most cases you have to focus more on the aesthetic appeal of the bike as compared to the technical and functional features. In this case, the styling properties of the bike standout even more.

Cool Retro Bicycles

Retro bicycles are normally designed borrowing a lot from the past. Popular designs from the past, offer inspiration to designers who in turn produce similarly appealing designs. So what conditions should a bicycle satisfy to be referred to as retro?

Front Baskets

These are the most retro accessories ever fitted on bicycles. In the past the basket was used in a number of ways including carrying picnic supplies of newspapers for supply. The Huffy Cardinal Deluxe Men’s Bicycle is a great example when it comes to show casing a retro design.

Cruiser Frames

Did you know…?

Retro Bicycles

Did you know that vintage or retro bicycles are in high demand by leisure cyclists.

If you are interested in these unique bicycles, consider the available variety such as single speed cruiser bikes and the popular Tokyo bikes as well and get to enjoy old- school laid back cycling.

These frames are designed to be sleek and effective. They employ a simplistic design that is meant to do the job and not to offer too many uses.

These bikes were designed to get you from one point to another in the fastest but comfortable manner. In this case they were not as personalized as bicycles today are.

Bright Colors

Energy infusing colors were the order of the day in the past. This is as opposed to the greys and blacks that have become all so popular today. Bicycles were painted in colors that are referred to as happy colors. A great example is the pastel pink painted on the Schwinn Winwood Women’s Cruiser Bike. The color combination has an impressive energizing appeal.

Cool Tandem Bicycles

Tandem bikes are specifically built for a fun time out with a friend or partner. The classic design is not only timeless but also outstanding in nature. Some Feature to look out for when shopping for retro tandem bikes include.

Low Stand-Over Height

These bikes tend to be unstable especially due to the additional weight of the extra person. in this case, getting off the bike can be a bit of an ask. This is however eliminated by the low stand over height. Originally, most tandem bikes used to feature low stand over height. This should be considered when shopping for a retro tandem bike today.

Smooth Lines

Retro Bicycles

Tandem bikes are designed to have flowing frame lines. This is evident in the Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike. The bikes id designed with a flowing design that enhances the looks and comfort of the bike.

As previously stated, the bike comes with no added unnecessary parts on the frame. This means that cyclists get to have a bike that is uncluttered and aesthetically appealing due to the efficient design.

Cool Kid’s Bicycles

Kids like fun and interesting activities like cycling. However it is important to note that to attract their interest you have to get a similarly attractive bike to them.

Bicycle Color

The appearance of the bike is everything. Remember that children don’t know a lot about cycling, but if you get them a bike in their favorite color then they will be hooked. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you get a bicycle in the appropriate colors i.e. a boy’s bike should preferably be blue or any other color other than pink. Girls on the other hand will love pink.

Retro Bicycle Design

Kids naturally identify with what they like. Cartoon character designs and themes are a definite hit here. For instance, the Spider Man themed bicycle is a definite hit with boys while a Dora the Explorer bicycle will be appealing to little girls.


There is a host of other aesthetic additions that kids love to use in the personalization of their bikes that would otherwise no be attractive to adults. Make sure you consider these as well.

Where to Buy Retro Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying retro bicycles you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Retro Bicycles
Retro Bicycles

Buying Retro Bicycles on eBay


Retro Bicycles are not specifically built for performance but rather for their appeal for leisure cycling. Their aesthetic qualities bear more significance to buyers overall. The above describes what such buyers should look out for.

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