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Single Speed Bicycles
Single Speed Bicycles
Single Speed Bicycles

Selected Single Speed Bicycles Online

The term single speed bicycle refers to the variety of bicycles that come with only one gear. This means that there is no way of changing bicycle gears. They bear a simple and straight forward design. It may not be believable to most, but they still exist and command a significant part of the bike market. In most cases most adults and children alike are familiar with these original designs because most children bicycles are single gear bikes.

The single speed design can be seen in many bikes today like:

Single Speed Bicycle Types

Single speed bicycles are divided into two broad groups depending on whether they have a freewheel mechanism or not.

Fixed Gear Bicycle

Single Speed Bicycles

This type of single gear bicycle is distinguished from the rest due to the fact that it does not have a freewheel mechanism. This means that as long as the back wheel is turning then the pedals will be moving as well.

To stop the bike, the rider is supposed to apply pressure to the bicycle pedals to stop them from moving. Some cruisers bicycles are known to have this feature.

Single Speed Bicycle With Freewheel Mechanism

Single Speed Bicycles

The other fixed gear bicycle mechanism category is the group that comes with a free wheel mechanism. Riders on these bikes can stop the pedals while the rear wheel continues rolling. In this case to stop the bikes cyclists use bicycle brakes.

A Note for The Shaft driven Bicycle***

Single Speed Bicycles

It is important to note that shaft driven bicycles i.e. those that use a shaft instead of a chain to transfer motion to the rear wheel usually has a collection of gears at the rear wheel hub. These bikes tend to be difficult to maintain due to the complex nature of the gears at the wheel hub.

Single Speed Pros and Cons

Here we will look at distinct features that differentiate the fixed gear bicycle from the multi gear bicycle.


As any cycler knows, the multi-gear mechanism and to be specific the derailleur, can be quite problematic to maintain. They require constant maintenance and even replacement. On the other hand, a single speed bike will not have these problems due to the absence of the derailleur. Their simple nature also means they have no rear suspensions with some having front suspensions.


The main drawback for fixed gear bicycles is the lack a variety of gears to tackle varying terrain. It can be difficult to cycle up steep inclines. Fixed gear bikes on their part make it hard for the cyclist to coast when at speed as the pedals move with the wheel.

Shifting From Multiple Geared Bicycles to Single Speed Bikes

Existing bicycle varieties such as mountain bikes, road racing bicycles and hybrid bicycles may be fitted with a single speed mechanism.

Single Speed Mountain Bikes

Newer mountain bikes fitted with these single gear ratios tend to have easier and much slower ratios for easier climbing of inclines.

Single Speed Road Racing Bicycles

For road racing applications, the single speed bicycle is mean to have a higher gear ratio for faster cycling.

Where to Buy a Single Speed Bicycle?

If you are interested in buying a single speed bicycle you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Single Speed Bicycles
Single Speed Bicycles

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Single Speed Bicycles
Single Speed Bicycles

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