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Tandem Bikes
Tandem Bikes

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Tandem bikes are among the most fun bicycles out there. the fact that they allow you to share your cycling time with friends or preferably your spouse, they are great way to have some old school fun outdoors. If you are looking to purchase the best tandem bike be sure to read this guide for some informative insight.

Overview of Tandem Cycling

Tandem bikes come in a variety of anything from two to five cyclers on the dame bike. The rider at the front is responsible for steering and is known as the pilot. The other cyclists who are only involved in cycling are referred to as stockers. It is interesting to note that these bikes were introduced in the 1890s making them a definite classic in the cycling world.

Tandem bikes usually cost a handsome sum (upwards of a thousand dollars) to ensure you get value for your money take your time to choose the right one. Below you will find a list of the reasons you should buy a tandem bike.

Build Relationships

Did you know…?

Tandem Bikes

Tandem bikes can be ridden by numerous riders.

If you are looking to have fun with your entire family check for tandem bikes with up to five riders for the best fun.

To properly ride a tandem bike all riders need to coordinate every action so as to keep control. Riding a tandem bike fosters working together and hence creates a better bond between riders. Just remember: Couples that play (ride) together – stay together!


If you are into high speed bike riding then tandem bikes are for you. By having more riders the cycling power is increased and provided you are in tune you are bound to hit very high speeds.

Convenient Transportation

Provided that you cycle in tune you are bound to cover longer distances faster than on single bikes. It is also important to remember that with tandem bikes you get to ride together and therefore stick together when riding among a large group in an unknown region. The risk of getting separated from your cycling partners is non-existent when using tandem bikes.

What to Consider when out Shopping for Tandem Bikes?

In recent years cycling enthusiasts have been looking for classic bikes. Tandem bikes have seen a lot of growth in demand as a result. More manufacturers have produced their own varieties making it important for cyclists to think about the best fit more.


Did you know…?

Tandem Bikes

Double steering tandem bikes exist as well.

If you want a better cooperative challenge look for a tandem bike with double steering. This one guarantees even more fun and a bigger challenge as steering should be coordinated.

Tandem bikes are great fun and it is understandable that you will want to take them with you on holiday. Some can be folded into smaller easy to pack sizes.

Since they are bigger and hence heavier you might want those that have smaller wheels for easy wheeling around.

Wheel Size

Many people think that tandem bikes are only suited to on road riding. However with the right wheels you can have fun with them off-road. 26ers are great for off-roading due to their balancing properties in slower riding while 29ers are suited for on-road racing.

Frame Material

Just like other bicycles, tandem bike frames can be made out of a variety of materials including steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. Choosing the strongest material is recommended since these bikes take on the added weight of other riders. It is however important to note that a carbon fiber bike might be expensive. Steel frames are still capable and relatively cheaper.


If you will be using your tandem bike for off-roading ensure that it comes with dual/full suspension. A tandem bike with front suspension only is not suited to off-roading.

Where to Buy Tandem Bikes?

If you are interested in buying tandem bikes you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Tandem Bikes
Tandem Bikes

Buying Tandem Bikes on eBay


If you are a cycling enthusiast, a tandem bike is guaranteed to offer a better cycling experience. It is also easier to use for people with some cycling skills.

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