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Three Wheel Bicycle for Adult
Three Wheel Bicycle for Adult

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Although tricycles are traditionally associated with children, they are a great alternative for adults as well.

Types of Tricycles for Adults

There are three main types of tricycles classified by design:

  • The recumbent adult tricycle which features a reclined seating position and front positioned pedals.
  • An upright tricycle, with an optional folding design and cargo storage basket is also available.
  • A combination of both, which features a large semi-reclined seat which is raised to be more upright for improved visibility.

Did you know…?

Three Wheel Bicycle for Adult

Did you know that tricycles can be ridden by people with back injuries?

Such tricycles are created by combining a regular hand cycle, tricycle and recumbent tricycle. In such cases the rider will enjoy comfort offered by the reclined sitting position as well as easier balancing from the three wheels.

Benefits of Using a Tree Wheel Bicycle


Tricycles are self-balancing. This means that you do not to focus on balancing he bike. This makes them suitable for older folks and even the disabled.


Tricycles tend to be equipped with wider padded seats and a backrest. This provides for easy riding for all adults including older people who can suffer from back when riding normal bicycles.


Since tricycles are much more comfortable as compared to regular two wheel bikes, it is possible to ride them over longer distances making them ideal for exercise and fitness purposes as well.


Tricycles are designed to be stronger than regular bikes as they are designed to haul heavier loads. As such, they might not be suited for racing but are user to last long and carry heavier loads.


Tricycles enable children and older adults can have fun cycling as they do not require any additional energy or focus in balancing.

Suggested Tricycles for Adults

Three Wheel Bicycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bicycle – This is a great, upright tricycle. It is a single-speed, lightweight bicycle with a comfortable padded spring seat, folding rear basket, and rear hand brakes. It’s a basic bike great for leisurely riding.

Three Wheel Bicycle

Mobo Triton The Ultimate Three Wheel Cruiser – This is a great recumbent three wheel bicycle because it can be used for smaller adults or children. The height range is from 3’5″ to 5’5″. This tricycle is very easy to maneuver, even for children. It’s designed to be safe, simple, and fun. The seating position minimizes pressure on wrists, elbows, and hands, and it’s very comfortable for the back. This is a very comfortable bicycle, and very popular for children and smaller adults.

Three Wheel Bicycle

Mobo Triton Pro 20″ – This recumbent tricycle is one of the best recumbent bicycles on the market. It is extremely comfortable, rides very smooth, and it’s very durable. This bicycle is suitable for riders from 4′ to 6’3″ and holds up to 250 pounds. This bicycle is perfect for leisurely rides, brisk workouts, and serious competitors.

Three Wheel Bicycle

Westport Adult Folding Tricycle – This tricycle for adults has a strong steel frame and a step-through design. It is one of the most comfortable upright tricycles because it has s great suspension system which cushions bumps or potholes, and it has an extra-wide, padded seat and adjustable handlebars. It has a cargo basket behind the rider, and best of all for those who have limited space, it folds to ease with storage and transport.

Where to Buy Adult Three Wheel Bicycle?

If you are interested in buying an adult three wheel bicycle you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Three Wheel Bicycle
Three Wheel Bicycle

Buying an Adult Three Wheel Bicycle on eBay

Final Word on Tricycles

If you have not been cycling for a long time it is recommended that you try a tricycle since it is easier to balance, comfortable and useful.

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